Mission & Vision Statement

I believe that if you work hard everybody can reach their goals, but people need to have the right knowledge and tools to do so. On my blog I try to help people gain more wealth and success with their business or personal life.

My mission is to bring wisdom and education to those that want to grow and learn about business, marketing, or just becoming wealthy and successful in general.

I believe that the more people become aware about money and how to create more money, the quicker we can eliminate poverty and together we can help everyone to have a happy and healthy life.

The Liberty OnDemand strives to be THE source for businesses, startups, and everyone else that wants to learn about how to earn more money and become successful. I want this to be THE place where everybody is growing and helping each other grow.

I want to help people think like a winner and succeed with their startups, online business, blog, affiliate marketing or whatever business journey you are planning to do. I want everyone to become a champion.

Because I believe that if we set the right goals, and we stick to them till we reach them by being motivated and committed, we can all become successful and have a life of abundance.

Ron Hoekstra
Founder of Liberty OnDemand