Hi my name Is Ron Hoekstra, I created The Liberty OnDemand for those that want to learn and grow, personally and professionally. This website is for beginners as well for advanced business owners. We add value by writing about topics like marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, copywriting, advertising, and more.

We focus on the entrepreneur, that is willing to do what it takes to succeed. We help you have a mindset that is programmed for success, just like a champion we want you to never give up until you reach your goal!

So if you want to learn how to increase your wealth, then you should definitely keep following us, because we will keep adding content that is of great value.

Wo Am I?

Born in the Netherlands I grew up to become a very open minded person, especially because I have always been a fan of art and creativity. That is why when I was around 18 I became a graphic designer. And quickly found a job in the packaging industry. I had that job for nearly 8 years, but always felt out of place. I made mistakes in my life, wrong choices and felt fairly unhappy working for somebody else. I read a ton about how to earn money, especially online. But none seemed to work. I tried creating and selling art. I tried eBay. And I kept on reading books about this topic. But wasn't successful at all, or at least not the kind of success I was looking for, financial freedom. 

In 2017 I moved to Taiwan to stay and live with my beautiful wife. I kept on reading and studying. But I still had to find a job and work. By now it was really clear that I didn't want to work for somebody else. I wanted to create something that is my own, something that is scalable. I wanted to become successful with my own projects and help others in the process. 

That is why I created this website, to share my knowledge and help others navigate in a world where information is bombarding us at a phenomenal rate. I can't promise you success, I can't promise you wealth or to become rich quickly. But I can promise you that I will try hard to create content that helps you reach your goals. 

Read my mission and vision statement too if you want to know more. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me: thelibertyondemand@gmail.com

Enjoy your stay,