Why Earning Money Is All About Solving Problems

Why Earning Money Is All About Solving Problems

Do you want to learn more about Earning money? Well, I have been studying this topic for years now. And this is one of the most important discoveries that I made. “Earning Money Is all about solving problems”

So, you decided you want to start earning money, but up until now it didn't work or you have no idea where to start.

Well, the first question you might want to find an answer to is how are people that successfully earn money doing it? And that is a good place to start. Because the principles of making money are all the same. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, start studying those people that are doing what you want to do and learn from them.

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How does Earning Money work?

Money has value. The same as food, water, land, cars, etc. They all have value. We need food to survive, we need shelter to feel safe. We want a car to go to work, travel, or buy groceries. Everything has a certain value. Therefore everything can be exchanged for money.

If you want to receive money, you need a money giver. A person that has money and is willing to exchange that money (value) for something that you have (also value). So, we need at least two people to make an exchange happen.

But why would anybody give you money? People have needs, these needs can be described as problems. If you are hungry, you have a problem and you will eat something, and if you don't have food you go buy it. If you are thirsty you will buy a beverage, and if you want to travel you book a hotel etc. You see, people pay to get their problems solved.

Businesses know this, that is why they find solutions to problems. The more problems, the more they can make. Finding problems and creating a solution for them is your most important job if you want to earn money.

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How to find problems to solve?

First, take a piece of paper and look around you. Nearly every product or item that you see solves some kind of problem. Each object is worth something. The person that sells the chair you sit on, the water you drink from your cup or bottle. The airphones you use to listen to music. Every object you see solves some kind of problem. Write it down, do this for a while until you get the point. Everything has value and can be exchanged for money.

Now, for each item you write down, explain what problem does it solve? The more you start thinking about it, the more you start to see that most if not all objects that you have to solve some kind of problem.

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How To Find Solutions for problems?

Now, think about something that annoys you, something that takes too much time, or something too complicated. Can you make it better? Can you make it more efficient? Do you think if you can create a better product, you can sell it and earn money? Of course, it's what businesses do all the time.

But maybe you don't want to create a new or better product? That's alright, you don't need to sell objects, you can also leverage your skills to earn money.

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Earn money with your Skills

Start with making a list of things that you are knowledgeable about, and the skills you have. What can you do? Can you write? Speak? Record videos? Tell jokes? Make funny videos? Do you know about history? How to play the piano or guitar? What skills do you have?

Do you think you could teach others these skills? Or use your knowledge to start a blog, youtube channel, or write a book? I think you can! Because the world is full of problems, basically anything can be a problem. And don't think it has to be huge problems, it can be smaller problems as well. Drinking water might not be a problem for you, but it might be for somebody living in the desert.

I hope you get what I am trying to tell you. People will pay you to solve their problems. Solving problems has value. It's important for people to have their problems solved. Which means you can exchange that value (solution to a problem) for money.

Rich people try to solve big problems, the bigger the problem, the more expensive the solution. Or, they try to solve smaller problems but in high quantities. The more problems you can solve in a short period, the more money you can earn. If a product does solve non-important problems or non-existent problems, nobody cares and you are not going to earn any money.

So if you think about creating a new product, make sure it solves a legit problem. Don't make something that nobody, or just a handful of people, cares about. And If the product creates more problems than it solves, it might be useless.

To earn money with your skills, you can use the internet to find clients. The internet is an advanced communication tool. It allows you to send messages to 1000s of people in a short period. This is great because this allows you to quickly find an audience and start making money.

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We learn that value can be exchanged for another value. We learned that we earn money by solving problems. The more problems we can solve, the more money we can earn. The bigger the problem is, the more money we can ask to solve it. That is how earning money works. And don't forget, you can't sell something to an animal, it needs to be a person on the other side of the exchange.

Good luck.


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