Why Brand Recognition Is Crucial For Long-Term Success?

Why Brand Recognition Is Crucial For Long-Term Success?

Brand Recognition. Also called branding. Might sound strange to you, maybe you never heard of it. Maybe you did. But do you know why it might be more important for your business than you might think? In this post, I want to share my take on why Brand Recognition IS important and why.

What is Brand Recognition?

To keep it simple, Brand Recognition is the ability to recognize brands, based on previous interactions and knowledge. For example, most people would recognize Mac Donalds, be it the famous logo, tune or slogan. The same goes for Coca-Cola, Apple, Disney, and many other brands.

Can it only be applied to brands? No, it can be applied to anything, it can be characters from movies, TV shows, cartoons, or games. And even famous people like celebrities, like Lady Gaga, Elon Musk, or PewDiePie. Anything that is recognizable by a large group of people becomes more valuable.

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What has it to do with marketing?

Brand Recognition is a powerful marketing concept. The idea that people recognize you or your brand simply by a small text or your face means that a brand has a higher chance of making sales. Customers prefer to use a product they used before or trust.

For example. If you had to choose between 2 products, both the same price, one has a recognizable logo, the other not. Chances are you would choose the product you recognize.

How can this kind of recognition be achieved? The best way to do this is by advertising a brand for such a long period, that most people would remember it. This will take time and money, but if you show something long enough to somebody, there is a high chance he will recognize it in the future.

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Now, I'm not saying that everybody should suddenly spend all their marketing on branding alone. You of course need to offer value to your customers. And have a strong foundation for your business. But brand Recognition will help you build long-term relationships with your customers. And therefore you have a higher chance of returning and increasing revenue. You would not just become a one-time buy, but you will become a natural part of somebodies life. Think about iPhones, TVs, cars, etc.

So the question is, is all you have to do to increase the value of an item, promoting it long enough until a large group of people instantly recognize it? Does that mean new brands should create iconic and memorable logos and assets? As a graphic designer speaking, I would say yes. We often overlook how powerful branding is. People will naturally choose something they trust more. And that is mostly the brand (or image) they have seen and recognize the most.

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A few examples:

Take NFTs for example. NFTs do not hold much use-value in themselves, you can't eat them, you can't touch them, and they dont solve a problem. But in order to promote and sell them, you have to add value. One way of doing this is by creating images that are recognizable. The more people recognize it, the more value it gets. For example, the iconic ape NFTs have been all over the internet, so often that most people would recognize them or have heard of them. Even people that are not into NFTs.

Another example is the anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”. In the past few years, it has exploded in popularity, especially in Asia. Nearly every store is selling some kind of merch from this show. Its popularity and its easy-to-recognize characters make the brand more valuable. The same goes for other famous shows and movies. Take Iron man, Captain America, or Spiderman. All of them hold fame and are instantly recognizable.

The same goes for Van Gogh's art. Most people would recognize at least one of his artworks, and many would recognize his unique painting style. The fact that people recognize them makes them more valuable.

Pewdiepie has also been doing a lot of branding. It's not just his famous face, but also the easy-to-remember red and black pattern design. Or just the way he interacts with his audience. All of this is part of his brand.

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The word brand itself already tells us that companies understood early on the importance of Recognition. A company wants to brand a logo, slogan, or other aspects of its company in the brains of its targeted audience. Because they know that people will more likely choose a brand they know than a brand they dont know. Especially when a lot of positive thoughts are attached to it.

The human brain is a remarkable invention of mother nature. And using people's ability to remember and recognize things is one if not the most powerful marketing strategy ever invented.

Just think about it. Let's say I would create a new cartoon character. Something that is simple and recognizable. Still, it's new, and nobody saw it before. Therefore it doesn't have much brand value. People might like it or think it's impressive that I can create this kind of art, but would they buy a T-shirt, mug, or other products from me? Less likely. People simply dont care because they dont recognize it.

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Now, let's say I would promote this character for more than a year, I would show it to everyone, my friends, my family, I would post it on social media, I would create comics, I would create a background story around this character, he would go on adventures, etc, and even use paid ads to promote it... 

Eventually, a large group of people would have seen it. Do you think the value of my newly created character and the story would have gone up? I would bet it did!

So, before you start a youtube channel, a new brand, or any type of business by which you have to interact with a lot of people. It's important to build a brand right from the start. Something that can be branded into people's minds. This will help you build more trust and in the end more opportunities to sell value to your audience.

Thanks for reading, please let me know how important you think Brand Recognition is. 



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