Do I Need To Learn A New Skill To Earn Money Online?

Do I Need To Learn A New Skill To Earn Money Online?

Do you have to learn a new skill to earn money online? This is a great question, especially for those that didn't grow up with the internet. 

And if you have never thought about earning money online before and have no idea where to start, questions like what skills you might need might pop up in your mind. 

But let me tell you this, every skill that you have can be used to earn money online. Do you need to learn a new occupation and totally start over? NO… you can use skills that you already possess to earn money online, let me explain.

The Misconception About Earning Money Online

For me, it feels as if there is a big misconception about what the internet is and how to earn money there.

The internet is nothing more than a tool created by humans, and behind every post, every tweet, and every website there is a human being that is similar to you. This person is sending messages, through the internet, be it blog posts, photos, tweets, or videos, it doesn't matter. In the end, they all are some kind of message that you can watch on your computer or smartphone. 

And the fact that basically everything on the internet is a message, makes the internet nothing more than a communication tool, and an advanced one that is. The internet gives us more ways to communicate than ever before, and much quicker. My message can be sent all over the world in mere seconds. And thousands of people can watch and react to it. 40 years ago that was only possible for news outlets like TV, radio, or newspapers. Now everybody can do it.

So, now we know that the internet is a communication tool, we have to move on to what making money means.

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How To Earn Money?

I want you to understand how we earn money without the internet first. Which is by exchanging our value for another value. This can be both ways. You can exchange money (your value) for another person's value (for example an iPhone). But it can also be the other way around, exchanging your iPhone for money. The idea is the same. You exchange something of value for something else of equal or higher value.

A few examples:
  • If you have a job, you exchange your time, your energy, and your skills, for money. 
  • A farmer exchanges his value (his harvest) for another value (money).
  • A lumber mill grows, cuts, and transports wood. Products are created that people need. (chairs, tables, closets, etc) And he gets paid for it.
  • Fiction writers write books, publish them and use the internet to promote and sell them online.
  • These are just a few examples, but I could go on and on…

So now we know that the internet isn't much different than real life and we know how to earn money.

The next question is, what are your skills, and can you earn money with them?

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How To Use My Skills To Earn Money?

I assume you can speak and write, I assume that you have a phone or computer connected to the internet (you are reading this..). Besides that, I hope you have learned some skills, be it an education that you did or another skill. Any skill can help you earn money online.

YouTubers earn money by talking, making jokes, and recording a video. Bloggers earn money by writing stories. Freelance writers earn money by exchanging their writing skills for money. Businesses use the internet to find new customers and stay in touch with them. They all use the internet as a communication tool. 

I hope you understand that it's no secret how to earn money online. So please learn a skill, and use it to earn money online. Everybody has a skill that can be used, and you don't need to be a superhuman to earn money online.

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So, there you have it, you don't need to learn a new skill to earn money online. Because like I just explained, earning money happens by exchanging one value for another. You can use the skills that you already have to earn money online. 

Do you need to learn some new skills? Maybe. It depends on what your goals are. But if you are a doctor, do you suddenly need to become an IT expert? No... You can start a youtube channel, a blog, or a TikTok channel about medicine, or talk about your experience working as a doctor. And you know, you can apply this principle to every occupation. 

Some people earn money watching and reacting to movies or tv shows… Do you need to learn a little bit about marketing, editing, and SEO? Sure, but we all learn new things all the time. But you don't need to become an "internet expert" to earn money online. 

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Use the knowledge and skills that you have and start. Otherwise, just learn enough and start learning along the way. Nobody was perfect when they started, and they never will be.

Solving problems

Earning money is all about solving problems. If you find a job that is because your boss needs somebody to do certain tasks. Your boss has a problem, and it can be fixed by hiring you. An electrician earns money by fixing cables, and a plumber fixes your leaking water problem. Food products solve your hunger, beverages solve your thirst, clothes, cars, air-conditioners, glasses. Basically, anything you pay for solves some kind of underlying problem.

So, what problems can you solve with your skills? Can you teach others your skills? Can you entertain and make people feel good? Whatever problems your skills can solve, that is where you can earn money. 

Good Luck,


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