13 Best Ways To Promote Your Redbubble Shirts

13 Best Ways To Promote Your Redbubble Shirts

Are you struggling to make sales on RedBubble? And you wonder how to do better? Today I want to go over 13 ways you can promote your Redbubble shirts and increase sales. I hope these tips will give you new ideas and help you succeed on RedBubble.

Social media

Nowadays, most people use some sort of social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram. And because there are so many people using it, it's a great way for you to promote your designs. Make sure your designs are shareable and create nice beautiful photos of your shirts.

People go to social media to socialize, they don't want to see ads all the time. But if you just share your designs, show how you make them, share tips and tricks, and take photos wearing your own shirts, you will have a higher chance of creating good sharable content, which increases your chances of making sales.

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Paid Ads

The quickest way to promote your shirts is to pay for advertisements. There are many websites that offer this kind of service. But before you place ads, get yourself familiar with what works and what does not. This might be different for you, but there are some important advertisement tricks you should learn first. If not, you might be wasting your money.

Crucial though is that you should be able to target your ads to the right people. Showing your ad to 10,000 random people will often result in no sales. So, use the right ad service, like Facebook or Google, and target people that you think are likely to buy from you.

Tip. Constantly test your ads, try different headlines, copy, and visuals.

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Do a photoshoot

Beautiful images do much better when it comes to getting attention. And the more people see your designs the better. Therefore make sure that the images that you use are interesting and beautiful to look at. Hire a professional photographer and models, let them wear your shirts, and share these photos on social media or use them in your ads. You can also ask your friends to wear your shirts, avoiding high model fees.

Create videos

Videos are a great way to promote shirts. If you like to make videos, for example on TikTok or YouTube, then why not promote your shirts there as well. Make sure you wear your own shirts, and at the end of the video you can tell your viewers that you designed the shirts yourself and where they can find them. I do not advise you to solely promote your shirts. Instead try to make funny, entertaining, or educational videos. This will build trust and over time your designs will sell more easily.

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Websites like Redbubble rank on Google, the problem is that you have to compete with millions of other designers, not just on Redbubble, but on Google as well. That is why SEO is important. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization is nothing more than making sure that the title, description, and image are optimized as well as possible. For this, you might need to do keyword research first. Find out for which keywords you want to rank and make sure these keywords are in the title and description.

Collect money for a charity

One way to grow your reach is to organize an event to collect money for a charity. You can either donate 100% of your sales or a lower percentage. I recommend 100% because this makes the event more authentic. And although you might not make any sales, it's good PR for your brand. You will reach a new audience and find more people that are interested in your brand. This will increase sales in the long term. Make sure people can find you, sign up for your email list or follow you on social media.

Build an audience

You first need people to see your designs in order to make any sales. One way to promote your designs is to build an audience, this can be either on social media or through an email list. Either way, the goal is to build a group of people that likes your art and would share and buy them. The goal is to collect people so you can be able to send them messages in a short period of time.

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Share on Pinterest

Pinterest can be described as a visual search engine. It's great for your long-term marketing strategy. Pins that you place on Pinterest today could go viral in a few months. This is because the lifespan of a pin is much longer than that of a tweet or an Instagram post.

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Start a Blog

A blog is a great way to build an audience, you can share tips, tricks, and how-to posts, or show people how you create your designs. People would not just come to your blog because they want to buy a shirt from you, but also because of your expertise, or simply because they like you. This builds a lot of trust, which is needed to sell your shirts.

Attend local markets

Have a small stand at your local market. Smaller and new brands often will attend local markets, this could be second-hand markets or exhibitions to promote their brand and designs. If your local town or city has markets or events like this, find out how you can get a stand as well.

People that are passing by might buy your shirts, or at least they might be curious about your brand. So make sure you have flyers or business cards that you can hand out for free.

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Do giveaways

A great way to promote your designs is by doing giveaways. This works best if you already have an audience of at least 1,000 people. But you could also contact friends, YouTubers, or other influencers to share your giveaway. Initially, this might not earn you much money, but you can collect email addresses and build your brand. Besides, the people that really like your designs, even though they didn't win, might still buy your designs.

Share videos on YouTube

Youtube has billions of users each month. This means you can use this to promote your designs. How? Don't focus too much on advertising or selling, but try to build a channel that focuses on art, design, how to art, review products, teaching people how to draw, paint, etc. This will increase your credibility and you can promote your shirts at the same time.

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Wear them yourself

If you really like your own designs, then you should buy them yourself first and wear them as much as you can. If people ask you where you bought them, you can tell them that you designed them yourself. Then hand them your business card. This works great at parties and with friends. Just try not to be a walking advertisement, people might feel annoyed which would result in no sales at all.

Contact bloggers or art magazines and do interviews.

If you have an already established portfolio, you might consider contacting art blogs or art magazines. They often do interviews with designers, this can help you get more attention and backlinks to your website or RedBubble.

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There are many ways to promote your RedBubble shirts, but one thing is sure, the most important part is that you start promoting right away. Choose one way that suits you the most and promote your art, products, and everything else on a regular basis. Over time you will increase the number of people that see your designs and the chances of making money.

Good luck



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