3 Ways How to Be Successful at Social Media Marketing

3 Ways How to Be Successful at Social Media Marketing

Somebody asked me, what is the number one way a company can be successful with social media marketing? It's a difficult question to answer, because, is there really only one way? And although I believe there is certainly one way to be the quickest, it doesn't guarantee success in the long run.

Therefore I don't believe there is only one way a company can be successful with social media marketing. Because much of your success depends on so many more factors than one. It is like a long list of ingredients and tools that are needed to make a successful pie. The same goes for being successful with social media marketing. 

It depends on the quality of your content, and the quality of your product. The image that people have about your brand and business. The knowledge You have about marketing and social media. The amount of time you are willing to spend on it and don't forget the amount of money you are willing to spend. The list of "ingredients" goes on and on.

So, when I tried to answer this question, I actually came up with 3 ways you can use social media marketing to its fullest.

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Social media marketing using Paid ads

The first way to become successful with social media marketing is by using paid ads. Paying for ads on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube is probably the quickest and most successful way to use social media marketing.

Read the book One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days by Brendan Kane to learn how to quickly build a social media account using ads.

Of course, you have to know what you are doing. Just placing a random ad doesn't make you successful. You have to understand how copywriting and advertising works. You have to understand how to influence people to take an action, to click, and buy your products. You need good headlines, copy, and nice photos of videos.

And besides that, you need to know how to create ads using Facebook or Google. But as soon as you figure out how to master these, you can reach your targeted audience in mere seconds.

If by now you are thinking: “that is way too much to learn for me”, well, then you might be correct, and as a company, you don't need to do everything yourself. You can hire a professional marketing team or agency to do this for you.

But running ads is probably my number one way to do social media marketing. But it would all be for nothing if you not use social media in the way it was indented, namely being social.

Use Integromat (Make) as an Automation tool

Run your own social media accounts

Besides paying for social media marketing, you should run your own social media channels. You could create your own YouTube channel, and post your own videos. And grow your account organically over time.

This, however, especially for small businesses takes a lot of time and energy. But I have seen small companies growing their social accounts slowly but steadily. The key here is being consistent, interacting with your audience, and keep posting new content, preferably daily.

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Social media influencers.

Although this method can be seen as paid advertising, it still is a little different than traditional advertising. The main difference is that you are not directly advertising to your audience. You use a well-respected "celebrity" to promote your brand. This way, any brand, new or old, can build trust and brand awareness.

You can create a "team" of social media influencers, these are people with large followings and high engagement rates. Using them any company can promote their brand and products to a large, target audience.

The best thing about this is that these kinds of “ads” look much more natural and have a higher engagement rate than regular ads. If a popular person recommends a certain product to his followers, this can have a much stronger impact. These people listen to what he has to say, and think “if he likes it, I might as well”. 

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There are many ways you can be successful with social media marketing. And although I recommend you pay for ads and influencers, a company should always have its own social media accounts to interact with its audience and stay relevant. Most people don't like ads, so, as a company that tries to be successful with social media, I advise you to not focus too much on selling, but rather on being more “social”.


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