How To Find RSS Feeds From Websites And Social Media

How To Find RSS Feeds From Websites And Social Media

Are you looking for ways to find RSS feeds? Then here are my tips and tricks on how you can find nearly any RSS feed.

How to use RSS feeds?

RSS feeds can be used for different purposes, the first one is to stay updated about all websites that you follow. You can keep an eye on your competition, news, certain topics you like, etc.

The second reason is that you can use your own RSS feed to automate certain aspects of your business. Like social media marketing. On my blog I now and then post tutorials on how you can create automations, like how to auto-post your latest blog post to Twitter.

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What are RSS feeds?

RSS is an abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication. In English, it's a simplified feed of a website, it shows the latest posts, including its URL, publish date, image, etc. although how much content the RSS shows can be different for each feed. Some RSS feeds only include a link and Title. Others include the whole blog post.

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How to find RSS feeds?

There are multiple ways you can find RSS feeds from a website, the best way in my opinion is by using an extension that will find the RSS feed for you. Not all websites use the same kind of RSS URL. That is why it's easiest to just use an extension. The extension I use is called “Get RSS Feed URL” and can be installed here, the same extension can also be installed on Firefox.

Another way you can try to find an RSS feed is to simply add /feed or /RSS behind the main website URL. Most WordPress websites use /feed for their RSS feeds, try it if you can find it using the extension. But understand that not all websites are WordPress, and not all websites are the same.

Use Integromat (Make) as an Automation tool

What to do if I can find an RSS feed

Well, it might just be that the website owner did not enable any feeds. If you can't find any relevant rss feeds, my best suggestion then is to simply search google. Simply by searching google you can often find a ton of relevant RSS feeds.

Otherwise, try using a Tool like Feedly or Inoreader to follow websites that you like.

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Find RSS feeds from popular websites.

Below I made an overview of how to generate RSS feeds from some of the most popular websites.

Google News:

Google news is great! It gives you plenty of options and it's a great way to get news from all over the web. And the best thing about google news is that you can create an RSS feed for every search you make. Simple Search for something and use the extension to find the RSS feed.
You can also manually create RSS feeds, using the URL below: And simply change the text “finance” to something you want to search for.

Google Alerts:

Google Alerts is a great tool to get emails from google about a specific topic. And the best part, you can change every alert into an RSS feed as well. Simply create a new alert, filter it the way you want and then wait for the email to come, in the alert email scroll down and click “Receive this alert as RSS feed”. Now you have the RSS URL from your google alert.


Twitter is a little tricky, and if you want to learn how to get Twitter RSS feeds, please read this blog post. But basically, I advise you to go to Nitter, a great alternative to Twitter.


If you like to receive Tumblr updates from a specific Tumblr user, that is possible, simply go to his/her profile and use the extension or add /RSS behind any Tumblr user's profile URL.

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Pinterest is a very popular image-based search engine, in combination with social media. There are millions of active users, and you can create RSS feeds from any board or user's profile. Just go navigate to the board and add .rss.

For example, this is one of my boards And this is the same board but as an RSS.

Sadly, the Chrome extension won't find this one. So we need to add a small code behind the Pinterest URL. This works for the board and for any Pinterest profile page. 

Take my profile as an example, and simply add /feed.rss to get my Pinterest profile RSS feed. See the below example: >


Any YouTube channel can be turned into an RSS feed. Again simply use the extension or first search for the YouTube channel ID and replace it with the id in the URL below.

Still can find it?

If you still can't find RSS feeds from certain websites, you can try one of these apps to create RSS feeds yourself. It is a little bit more work, but you can use these tools to specify which parts of a certain website have to become an RSS feed. It doesn't always work, so only try it as a last resort.

Now that you have a ton of ways to get RSS feeds, it's time to use them to create some cool and useful automations. You can use this kind of automations to send yourself notifications about updates, collect data for research or monitor your competition. Whatever the purpose, automation can add a lot of value but above all will save you a lot of time.

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