How To Auto Send a Discount Code To My Subscribers?

How to auto send a Discount code to my subscribers

Are you running an online store? And you wish you could easily send all your customers and subscribers a message. For example, informing them that you created a new Discount code? And above all, do this automatically, without having to switch between each app?

In today's post, I want to explore how we can use online tools, like Integromat, to create automations that send messages to all our followers, customers, and subscribe at once. This can significantly help you save time and increase your sales.

Why use discount codes?

If you have an online shop, you probably know that by using discount codes, people more easily decide to make a purchase. Although it should not be the sole reason, for many online shoppers it's important to get the best possible prices and deals.

And according to, 92% of all online shoppers search for deals or offers before making an online purchase (research from May 2020) This alone should be enough evidence that discounts and coupon codes work. Therefore it's very important to be able to reach all our potential customers.

Next to Amazon, Shopify is one of the biggest used platforms to create online stores. And In the last few years, Shopify has been growing significantly. Most likely due to its easy-to-use interface, easy store builder, and tons of apps and extensions that can be installed to upgrade your store. And for me, one of the best parts is that Shopify can be automated.

Use Integromat (Make) as an Automation tool

How to automate Shopify and other e-commerce platforms?

To be more precise, I want to show you how to set up an automation that will send a message to all your subscribers, email subscribers, and social media followers. Basically any place you have potential customers or followers that are interested in your products and are likely to buy from you. We can even inform people in certain chats or messengers.

For this example, we are going to use OneSignal, which is the app I like to use for my website. It allows us to send our subscribers a push notification. As you can see, in the bottom left corner I have a small red bell icon. You can click it to subscribe to my blog. Also, if you are a new visitor, you will get a notification asking you to subscribe.

Anyone that has subscribed to your website can be sent a push notification. This notification can be sent simultaneously to smartphones and desktop browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

Let's start setting up the automation.

Let's set up an “push” automation first, and then I will show you how you can expand this automation even further, to also send messages to your email subscribers or social media followers.

1. Make sure you are logged in to Shopify

2. Next go to Onesignal and create an account and set up Onesignal on your website.
Or, if you already have a OneSignal account, just make sure you are logged in.
  • *You can also use Alternative apps, to name a few:
    • PushEngage
    • Sendpulse
    • Iterable
    • ActiveCampaign

3. Next, go to Integromat, and create an account or log in to your existing account.

4. Create a new scenario

5. Click the blue circle with the + symbol and search for Shopify.

6. Scroll down and click on New Event.

7. Add Shopify. Or follow these instructions to add Shopify. 

8. After you setup Shopify, you have to click the + icon next to Shopify

9. A new app “circle” will popup, search for OneSignal (or the Push Notification app you use)

10. Choose, send a Notification

11. For OneSignal you need the User Auth Key, to learn how, follow these instructions

12. At last you can set how often you want the scenario to run. Click the clock symbol next to the Shopify app. If you create a discount code once per week, change 15 to 10000. This number is in minutes, and 10000 is about 1 week.

13. Don't forget to save and activate the scenario.

As an alternative use Google Sheets 

As an alternative, you can use a Google Sheet that contains your discount code and the message that you want to send. Using Google Sheets saves you a lot of time. As you don't need to set up Shopify, which can be a little time-consuming to do. But I also prefer to work with Google Sheets, as it gives me more flexibility.

All you have to do is, instead of using Shopify, connect your Google Sheet account. Then create a sheet that you like to use for the automation. You can create a sheet in any way you want. You can create custom messages or only use the sheet for the discount codes. It depends on you.

Now, every time you add a new discount code to your sheet, and the Integromat scenario runs, a push message will be sent to all your subscribers.

How to email my email list or send a message to my social followers?

After you are finished setting up the above automation, again click on the + icon next to the OneSignal logo. Now search for “Flow Control” and then for “Router”. This will give you two new apps you can add.

Now search for whatever app you like to add. You can also clone apps, just right-click an existing app and then click “copy module”. Then replace them with whichever app you want. 

If you want to send a tweet, I recommend you use the Buffer app. Buffer works as a bridge between Integromat and Twitter. This is only necessary if you are using the free version, the paid version includes Twitter as well.

Just to give you an idea, you can add the following apps to your existing scenario and send everyone that follows you or is subscribed to you, a message or email.

These apps can be added:
  • Manychat (for Facebook Messenger)
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook groups
  • Facebook pages
  • Line Messenger
  • SendinBlue Emails
  • MailChimp Emails
  • And much more!

And the best part, this automation also works with WooCommerce or other e-commerce platforms. Just add a new app, and search for the platform that you are using. Follow the instructions to add the app and you are ready to automate any platform.

If you need help with setting up automations, I can assist you. Please contact me here.

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