How To Create A Twitter RSS Feed In 2022?

How To Create A Twitter RSS Feed In 2022?

There was a time when Twitter had the ability to generate RSS feeds. Sadly Twitter deleted this feature. Now, we have to get creative to get our Twitter feeds. Luckily there are still ways to generate feeds.

And In this post I will list the best options for you to generate RSS feeds for Twitter. These methods not only work for your own feed, but also for other peoples feed or even for hashtags.

What is an RSS feed?

I am not going to explain in detail how RSS technically works. But it basically is a simplified document that lists newly added content from a certain website. For example, If I post a new blogpost on my website, the post will also show up in my RSS feed.

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Why do you want the RSS feed?

RSS feeds are the most simple way to follow a website on the web. Apps like Feedly or Inoreader have the ability to add these feeds. That way you can collect and follow your favorite websites in one place.

Do people still use RSS?

Many people feel that RSS feeds are from the past. That is one reason Twitter doesn't support this feature anymore. Still I believe RSS feeds are very useful. As it can help your business to spread your newest posts quickly on the internet. People can add your feed to their online reading apps and easily see your latest posts.

Here are some of the tools you can use to follow or generate Twitter RSS feeds.

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Free Twitter Feed Generators:


Feedcontrol is an easy to use online tool to create feeds from Twitter. With the free plan you can create 2 feeds, which will be updated every 13 hours. The tool is simple to use and also comes with some cool filter options.


Another great online tool is FetchRSS. This tool also lets you create free Twitter feeds. The free version has some limitations though. You can have no more than 5 feeds, they will be updated every 24 hours, and if they are inactive for 7 days they will be deleted.

But I really like the fact that you can search for hashtags as well. That way you can follow interesting hashtags as well.


This is a free online tool to generate RSS feeds from Twitter profiles. The free version will update the feed 3 times per day. And from what I understand will be deleted after 14 days.


Probably the quickest and simplest way to generate RSS feeds is to use Nitter. Nitter is basically a clone of twitter. Just go to Nitter and find your profile. Then, at the top right corner of the website click the RSS button. I really like Nitter, it's a much more simple version of twitter, it's simple and quick.

Paid Twitter Feed generators / follow


Feedly is a great way to follow blogs, websites, and social media. You don't necessarily need the RSS url to follow them. You can either search Feedly by topic, website or RSS link. If you want to follow Twitter accounts you have to upgrade to the pro version. Which is a little expensive if you only want to use it to follow a few twitter feeds.

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Inoreader is similar to Feedly, yet is a little bit more advanced in my opinion. Here you can also search for websites, topics or RSS feeds. To add twitter accounts you have to upgrade as well. Which is cheaper than Feedly. Still only worth it if you have many accounts and tags you want to follow.

Feedly nor Inoreader lets you create RSS Feeds. They only let you follow them.

Use an RSS bridge

An RSS bridge is a simple way to create RSS feeds yourself. For this to work, you need hosting and some coding knowledge. Learn more at Github: RSS-Bridge

Luckily there are websites that offer RSS bridges for free. Sadly many of them don't work correctly. Here are a few that somewhat work.

This bridge seems to have removed the option to create Twitter RSS feeds. It's still possible to create RSS feeds from other websites though.

This bridge seems to work, but not flawlessly. For example, if you search for a profile, you have to disable most of the options, otherwise it won't work.

There is also a Firefox add-on that lets you generate RSS bridge feeds with one click.

You can also do a quick google search, and you might find more RSS bridges.

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How can an RSS feed help my business?

RSS feeds are automatically updated, every time you post something, the RSS feed will be updated too. This means that you can use the data, like the URL and title of your blogpost, to set up automations. For example, using your RSS you can automatically post your latest post to Facebook.

Read my previous article, where I explain how you can use your RSS feed to automatically post to Pinterest and then to Instagram. Using the powerful automation tool Make (Formerly known as Integromat).


There you have it, the best ways to create or follow twitter RSS feeds. It is still possible to follow Twitter profiles or hashtags, although it's a lot more difficult than before. I still recommend you start with Nitter first, just because it is so simple.

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