6 Expert Tips For Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns

6 Expert Tips For Effective Digital Marketing

Do you agree? Marketing can be very very hard sometimes? Things like: How to communicate the right message? How to keep my costs low but results high? Questions like these all seem to be so difficult to answer.

Yet, marketing and advertising are important factors for a successful online brand. They cannot be ignored. And to help you create better ad campaigns here are 6 tips from the pros that can help you improve your marketing.

Many of these tips come straight from Ogilvy, one of the greatest advertisement legends in history. Although many of his lessons are from a different time, most, if not all, can still be used today.

The customer is always smarter than you!

Believe me when I say that you cannot outsmart your potential customers or clients. Before you start your ad campaign, you always have to remind yourself that your customers are in fact smarter than you. If you hide something or if you are not honest, people will see and feel this in your ads. They will naturally skip your ads and you are left with only the ad bills.

So always make sure that you tell the truth, and be open and honest. Be personal, and above all do not mislead or think your customers are stupid.

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Each ad represents your business and product and should add value to your brand.

Don't forget, every time you put an ad out there, it will be seen by thousands of people who might end up becoming your customer. Therefore it's important that your ads always represent your business and should be of the highest quality possible.

If your ads look sloppy and unprofessional or are nothing like your business, people will see this and assume that your business is of low value to them. So always make sure that you spend enough time on your ads. It's the same as wanting to look nice when you go on a first date. Make sure your ads look stunning, they are the face of your business, they have to attract and seduce your customers. They have to give them a taste of the sweetness inside. I hope you get what I am saying.. Let's move on to the next tip.

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The ad contents quality is more important than the design

I might already have mentioned it, but the quality of your ads is very very important. The design, like the image, colors, and layout are to attract somebody's attention. To get them to read the header and copy. BUT, if your ad content sucks, then you are still missing the point.

Originally I am a graphic designer, I design ads, and make sure the images, colors, alignment, etc are good and nice looking. I choose a nice and good-to-read font that matches the overall look of the company. But if I would just leave it there, and only design something that looks beautiful, my customers will soon realize that my ads do not contain any value for them. It might just be clickbait ads with no real value for the reader, leaving you without any results.

So, if your ads are receiving many views or many clicks to your landing page, but no conversions at all. You might have to take a look at your content, maybe it is not valuable enough for your customers.

Always make sure you give your customer something that they really want, the more the better, and preferably something that is more valuable than the money you are asking for.

Besides, the way that you describe things, the words that you use, colors, and images, might turn off your customers as well. The reader might be leaving your landing page without a positive result for you. If that is the case, try to tweak your ads, use different images, and fonts, and keep it simple. Later more on this.

Every business and its products have their own personalities, just like people.

When you started your business, I bet you did some kind of thinking about how you want to communicate your business with other people. What do you want your customers to think when they see your logo? What does your logo look like? What colors and fonts do you use? What kind of language do you use, is it very personal or technical? All these factors together create your brand's personality.

Understanding this, and knowing what your brand's personality is, will help you create better ads, ads that communicate the right way. For example: If you see an ad from Mcdonald's, just looking at the images, the way they make the ad, the color usage, the music, etc. you know it's From Mcdonald's, they don't have to tell you or show their logo. It has a Mcdonald's personality.

Not just that, it also attracts the right people. Your business has a certain audience group. And believe me, this is not everybody in the world. In fact, for many businesses, it often is very targeted and narrow. And to make sure you reach the correct audience. Make sure your brand's personality is in every ad or communication form you use.

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Speak the same language as your potential customers

Similar to your brand having its own personality, you have to always speak the right language. I'm not necessarily talking about English or German. What I mean is that you use the same words, the same structured sentence, etc. as your audience. It might seem obvious, but ads often are missing their target just because the language that is being used does not match that of their targeted audience.

To know what kind of language you have to use, you first have to create a profile of your ideal customer/audience. As soon as you have this you have to get in touch with these people. Do research, and find out what their interests are, what are they talking about, what words are they using? etc. After this, you should know how to structure, design, and language to use.

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Understand that testing and improving is part of your ad strategy

Even the best marketer cannot always create an ad that works optimally the first time. If you ask them, they will tell you that trial and error is an important part of your final result and success.

The great thing about online advertising is that you can use your analytics right away, and see if the ads are working or not. So, if an ad isn't performing well, you can try a different image, or headline combination to see which performs the best. Marketers always test different strategies, like different targeting, images, headlines, or even copy to optimize their ads.

For example, with Facebook ads, you can create A/B Split testing campaigns. You can create the same ads just with different headers and images to see which one performs the best.

So don't give up right away when your ads don't work well, understand that it takes a lot of testing and tweaking to get it right.


Marketing can be hard, but it's fun as well. Especially if you see positive results. Just understand that you have to put in the right amount of effort to create something that is working the way you want. The more time you spend on creating good ads, the better the results will be.

And if you want to learn more about digital marketing and advertising, I advise you to head over to Skillshare, they have a ton of great courses where you can learn the ins and out from the experts! 

Tip. Read the book from David Ogilvy, Ogilvy on Advertising, it's full of knowledge about how to advertise! 

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