How Do I Start Learning Logo Designing in 2022?

How Do I Start Learning Logo Designing in 2022?

Great, you're here! You must be interested in Graphic Design, or more specifically, logo design. Which is part of Graphic Designing. And you wonder how you can learn it? What skills do you need? Well, today we will try to answer some of the most important questions regarding starting with logo design. Keep on reading to find out.

There are many ways you can start, 80% of it is all about the right resources and starting at the right place. Nowadays with the internet, all the knowledge is right at your fingertips. But what is right, and what is wrong? 

But where do I start? Don't knowing this is often the case when you want to learn something new. You want to start the right way, and you don't want to learn the wrong things. I get that. But, because you can here, I assume you are very interested in logo designing, and graphic design in general.

If that is the case, then my best advice is to start with a course or follow a full education as a graphic designer. Teachers and Mentors will help you learn the right skills, they will prepare the right books for you and will help you with all your questions. You will be doing a lot of projects, with your classmates as a team or you will work on single projects yourself.

You can also follow courses where you can master photoshop, illustrator, Indesign and other tools. I really suggest you get a teacher or mentor to guide you. Watching videos is great, but you won't learn as quickly and as much as when you have a teacher and classmates.

Before you start a course, you could already master the tools first. I wish I had done that before I started! That might be where you want to start. Start with photoshop, then illustrator, then Indesign. If you only want to learn logo design, just learn illustrator first. Do a TON of tutorials! I mastered photoshop in a few months, after doing tons of tutorials every day. Follow this link for 30 Best Illustrator Tutorials. After you have mastered these skills, go learn about design. How?

Find a mentor

My mentor was a graphic designer with more than 25 years of experience, she has her own design and communication business. And teach me and a small group of 6 all the important things we needed to know about logo design and graphic design in general. It was one of the best courses I ever did!

But I didn't just learn from her. I also learned a lot from just doing (practice makes the master) and also I learned a lot from my classmates who would give feedback on my work, and vice versa. It was a small group with a huge learning curve.

I learned about the importance of color, shape, fonts, best working methods, how to think like a designer, and much more. It was such a great experience for me, that I'm sure that this is not 100% possible without other people. I mean, my classmates who worked on the same project but came up with different ideas, my classmates who gave me feedback, and my mentor who guided us, all this together helped me learn about design a lot. 

You need to be actively sharing your thoughts with others, and others have to do the same with you. You have to be open minded, and sometimes learn to let go of your designs and start over. This can be the hardest part of designing. But in the beginning you have to learn, focus on learning, not on things being perfect, because it never will.

Like I said before, it's totally possible to learn graphic design on your own. YouTube, tutorials, books, are full of information that teach you about logo design. Go get these resources, and just start! 

My personal top 3 books are:

I also recommend you check out Skillshare, it's a great resource of learning new skills. They have thousands of skills you can learn. Especially for design and logo design there are hundreds of teachers that can teach you logo designing skills. Skillshare isn't expensive and you can try it out first!


  • Learn the tools (illustrator, photoshop etc.)
  • Find a mentor (follow a course)
  • Practice practice practice!
  • Keep learning, and do more courses, like the ones on skillshare.

Good luck, and above all, have fun designing.

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