How To Make Money With Print on Demand

How To Make Money With Print on Demand

Interested in earning money with art and designs? Why not give Print on Demand a try? It's no secret that Print on demand sites are booming, a quick google search and you will find a ton of places nowadays where you can sell your art. 

But did you know that even non-designers can earn money there? Today with all the apps that you can use on your phone or tablet it's easier than ever before to start creating designs that you can sell. 

So in this post I want to explore some ways that people can make money from selling art and designs on Print on demand sites.

If you are totally new to the Print on Demand business, here is a short explanation of what it is. 

Print on demand, short POD. Are basically printers+suppliers that print your designs on a certain product. With most POD suppliers you have the ability to create your own shop, and upload as many designs as possible. They have a marketplace where potential customers can search and find your designs and products.

As soon as you sell a product, let's say a T-shirt, the POD supplier will print the T-shirt and ship it to your customer. That means you don't need to do any shipping or customer service. All the product images that you see in your POD shop are mockups.

Now that it is clear what POD means, let me explain how I believe everybody, even without design skills can sell designs.

Keep it super simple 

If you don't have any designs or drawing experience, I would suggest that you try to keep the designs as simple as possible. Just stick to Quotes, and don't use any images. That way you don't have to draw, or do a lot of designing. 

Search for what is popular

You can search the POD site or other sites like amazon for what is popular and create your own version of it. Of course don't steal or copy it. Just use it as a way to understand what sells and is popular. Make a list of what you think are good designs that sell. 

In the next stage you start making your art, choose one of your researched ideas to be the first creation. Only choose those that you think sell the best.

TIP. You can ask your friends or partner what he thinks would be a product that he would buy or what he thinks is a best seller.

Create your art

After you did some research, try creating art. This is the fun part. And you should take your time. Focus on creating art that is unique, high quality, professional or just "yours". As soon as you create art that you think is interesting, upload them in the highest resolution possible and start creating your products.

Many POD sites offer the ability to download a template first. You can open them in photoshop or illustrator and design your products on your computer first before you upload them. It's not necessary though.

Use a smartphone app to create art

If you don't know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator, then another way to create art is by downloading apps on your smartphone or tablet. You should download an app that easily lets you cut out objects. And a drawing or art app. Personally I think PicsArt is the best art app at the moment. 

Then head over to a website where you can download “public domain” images and start experimenting with combining different images and by applying cool art effects. 

*Please note, while public domain images don't hold any copyrights, inside the image might still be something that is copyrighted, like a logo. Also, if you want to use faces from real people, you need a model release first!

Create text quote designs

If you don't want to create art at all, you can try to focus on funny quotes. Quotes might be more easy to design and are very popular on T-shirts and Wall Prints. Make sure the quotes are not copyrighted though before you upload them!


At any time, you should try to promote your art. Don't expect your design and art to sell on its own. Sign up for Instagram, Facebook, twitter, DeviantArt,, etc and start sharing your creations. As soon as you build an audience, it becomes much more easy to sell your art and designs

TIP. try to find out how to get featured on a POD site. If you are featured in their newsletter and front page, sales will skyrocket.

Examples of some good print on demand site are:

Amazon Merch

If you join Amazon Merch, your designs will be searchable on Amazon. Amazon has billions of visitors per month. With such a huge traffic amount, you have a high chance of selling your products.


Society6 lets you upload your art on many many different products, from phone cases to pillows, duvet covers, T-shirts, leggings, etc.


Big marketplace with a ton of products for you to sell. You can add your own google analytics, which society6 cannot. Redbubble focuses more on illustrations rather than fine art, but you can upload your own art and see what it does.


FineArtAmerica is a great place to start selling your art, you can either sell physical art or Print on Demand products. You can sell your art, photos, illustrations, whatever it is that you like to create!


Everybody can start making art, and earn money with it. The hardest part will be to build an audience and start selling your designs. But I believe that if you focus on creating high quality and unique art, sales will come.


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