7 Reasons Why You Need To Think Big For Your Small Business

7 Reasons Why You Need To Think Big For Your Small Business

Maybe you have heard it before “Think Bigger”, and you wonder what does it matter? Well I want to tell you that I truly believe that thinking bigger is important. I'm going to try to convince you that this can have a significant impact on your results.

Here are a few of the main reasons I believe that thinking bigger is important. I am mainly talking about thinking bigger in business. But it should not be limited to only that.

Thinking small limits us

I believe that thinking small is limiting our potential and I believe that by thinking bigger instead we can have a better and more fulfilled life.

This is how I see it: let's say your goal is to make 1000,- usd per month. Where would you end if you only make it to 50% of that goal? Yes only 500,- usd. Why? Because I don't believe that we can always 100% reach our goals. I believe that goals change and evolve. They grow only as big as we are. But by thinking bigger you remove the limits. Let's say your goal is 10000,- usd per month? And you only reach 50% of that? That would be 5000,- usd per month, 10x more than the first example.

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You can’t do it all

If you have your own business, you should know by now that you can't do everything yourself. For each task there are certain skills required, and it's impossible to be skilled at everything. By thinking bigger you force yourself and your business to grow.

Having a team of skilled people that all have their tasks and roles in the business will help you do that. But If you keep on thinking small, you will become a “do it all self business” and that will never be sustainable in the long run.

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Plan for growth

If you start to think bigger, your plan on how to reach that goal might have to be adjusted. If before you didn't think about hiring employees, now you might have to. You might need a better location. You might need a marketing team, Webshop, etc. etc. Your whole plan changes as soon as you set bigger goals.

The bigger you business the more you can accomplish

You don't have to become as big as Meta or Tesla, but I bet you agree with me that if your business grows bigger you will be able to accomplish more. You can create more products, help more people, and fulfil more dreams. And with more funds available you will be able to invest in more opportunities.

The bigger you think, the bigger your end results.

Thinking bigger can free you from limits and let you archive much more. As a business owner you don't want to limit yourself. If you do, you are bound to live a life of discomfort and unfulfillment. By thinking bigger instead you have a higher chance of accomplishing more, you will have a richer life and can enjoy the better side of life as well.

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You think Elon Musk would limit himself to thinking small?

Elon Musk is aiming for Mars and beyond, he has big plans, and I believe that is one of the reasons why he is so successful. His goals go much further than our small plans of owning a store or being our own boss. He is actively working on changing the world and I think that is great.

What would you think Elon would do now if he didn't aim so high? Would he be an engineer working at NASA? Would he just be an engineer fixing cars? I don't know, but I know that Mr. Musk isn't limiting himself. And I really respect that. The same goes for most successful people that I know. They always focus on the bigger picture, “small” problems along the way won't stop them.

A picture of a space craft arriving at Mars

It Gives You More Energy

Thinking bigger gives you more energy, because it forces you to think of bigger ways to reach your goal. Thinking small is easy, but it also makes us feel like we want to sleep all day… Thinking bigger on the other hand gives us energy to accomplish something.


I always advise you to think bigger. I know for many people it's hard, because a lot of us are modest and don't want to come over as greedy. But I think it's not greedy to aim for a healthier and wealthier life. Besides, the bigger you are the more you can help others.

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