18 Legit Ways Of Earning Money On The Internet

18 Legit Ways Of Earning Money On The Internet

There are a ton of ways you can earn money, especially online. But what is more important I guess is that the basics for earning money are mostly the same. Earning money is done by helping people solve their problems, as a compensation you get paid. Supermarkets solve your food problem, and you pay them for it. A famous basketball player helps advertisers gain brand awareness and sell more, so he gets paid for it.

What problems can you solve with the skills that you have? You think that the more people you can help, the more you can earn? Bet you can. So, go and write down some things that you can, what are your skills, and how can you earn money with it?

Here are 18 ways that help you start:

Teach a language online

One of the quickest ways to make money from home is teaching a language. You solve a huge problem here, and that is helping others that want to learn a new language. English, Spanish and Chinese are very popular. But I am sure that other languages are in demand too. Signup on places like Verbling and start earning!

Freelance work

More and more content is needed online, therefore the demand for it is growing. That means that you have many opportunities to become a freelancer. Think about writing, photography, music, graphic design, web design, translating, video editing. etc. Freelance is probably where most people want to start earning money online! 

Check out website like Fiverr, its probably one of the best ways to start earning money as a freelancer. Just create your "gig" and your ready to start! The question is, what skills do you have that others need and are willing to pay you for it? 

Start a dropship business

If starting a business was always something that you wanted to do, then now is the best moment to do so. And with drop-shipping you don't need an inventory yourself. Your supplier basically does all the shipping for you, so you can focus more on selling. Places like Shopify or Wix are great to start for everybody that wants to start a dropship business, low startup costs and easy online web builders, just drag and click!

Start a blog

One of my personal favorite ways to earn money from home is with a blog. Blogging will take a little longer, you have to work consistently on your blog, and slowly grow it. But a lot of people do it, and I think this profession will only grow in the future. 

Personally I recommend your use Bluehost for your hosting, I used them for years and never had any problems. They deliver quick and have and easy to use interface.

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Become a YouTuber

YouTube seems to never stop growing, with billions of users each month it's a great place to start earning money from home. And you could have a YouTube channel besides anything else you do as well. If you are a blogger, you can turn your blogs into videos. If you sell your services as a web designer or as a freelancer, you can talk about this in your videos.

Sell DIY products

Do you love DIY, and is it only a hobby at the moment, but are you wondering if you can actually make money with it? Then I am telling you, YES you can.

Start a podcast

Start a podcast

Podcasts are getting increasingly popular, although by far not as popular as video, you still can earn money with podcasts via sponsorships. According to Oberlo, there are more than 2 million podcasts with more than 48 million episodes. Nearly 60% of Americans above the age of 12 have listened to at least one podcast. Most of them use smartphones or tablets to listen to podcasts.

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Find an online part-time job 

You could work extra, for example on the weekends. Nowadays there are a lot of remote jobs. Go to places like Indeed and search for possible employers that are looking for remote workers. Think about Data entry workers, call center or service work, or sales jobs.

Sell products with your art or photos

Are you a photographer or artist? You can try to sell your creations online. think about places like society6 or Redbubble. Tip. First build an audience on Twitter or Instagram, making it a lot easier to sell.

Sell your videos, photos or illustrations 

You can sell them on micro stock platforms, think about Shutterstock or Getty Images. You can create high quality content and earn a fee every time somebody buys your content.

Sell website templates online 

Are you good with HTML and building templates for let's say WordPress, you can earn some good money here. There are hundreds if not thousands of people that need a website, most of them want a unique template. Many chances for you to earn. Go to places like ThemeForest and start earning money on their marketplace.

Sell stuff online

On places like Facebook or eBay. For example you can go buy stuff on the flea market or garage sales and then sell them for a profit online.

Freelance Programmer

Freelance Programmer

Are you a programmer? Programmers are in high demand, this could be for games, apps or other digital systems that are needed. Programming is something that can be done remotely, search places like Indeed to find job offers. Or you can decided to become a freelancer.

Flip websites

There are a ton of platforms where you can sell domain names and earn money with. The only downside is that you don't know if people are willing to buy domains from you. So you might be stuck with a domain that never sells, do some research before you start doing this. Check out Flippaone of the best marketplace for buying and selling domains.

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Video editor

Clients could be YouTubers, but also companies that need videos edited. Video becomes an important part for many businesses, they use it for promotions, educational or for advertisements, etc. They need professional editors for that, and if you know how to this, you have a high chance of getting paid well. If you want to learn how to edit videos, I recommend you take a look at Skillshare, they have a ton of tutorial and courses where you can learn these and other skills.

Photo editing

Businesses, especially e-commerce sites, but it could be anyone really, need graphic designers that can edit their photos. So if you are good at photoshop, this might be for you.

Offer consultancy

This could be in any field, from graphic design to engineering to finance. To find clients you can go to LinkedIn and start connecting with people. It depends on your branch, but if you offer your services for a fair price you can start building your client base fairly quickly. But you might have to spend a lot of time sending messages every day. Until you find some people that are interested.


There are many ways that you can make money online, some take longer to work, others can be done right away. It depends on what you want, how many time you want to spend on it and what you skills are.

About the author:

About the author:
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