11 Important Digital Marketing Statistics You Need To Know

11 Important Digital Marketing Statistics You Need To Know

Marketing for your small business can be hard. Especially if you are just starting. To help you get a better insight in digital marketing, here are 11 facts about digital marketing that all business owners need to know.

What is digital marketing?

While the word might already suggest it, digital marketing is everything related to marketing that is done online or in some sort of digital form. Think about google ads, social media posts, YouTube, blogging, and all other forms that can be used to promote a business digitally.

Here are 11 facts about digital marketing:

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Most small businesses invest in social media

Around 60% of all the small businesses invest in social media. This shows how important social media has become for the success of a small business owner. One reason, of course, is the fact that people spend a ton of time on social media nowadays. Which is very attractive for advertisers.

You can either grow your followers and reach them with your content, or you can use paid ads. Paid ads seem to work a lot better nowadays. Besides that you can use other content creators that have a large following to promote your business.

Mobile traffic keeps growing

More than half of a website's traffic comes from mobile phones. This shows that your website needs to be optimized for mobile phones and tablets. If it's not, you might lose more than 50% of your potential traffic.

I advise you to use a good template that already includes a mobile version. Or you can hire a freelance web designer to help you optimize your website.

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Self taught marketers

Around 50% of small business owners do their own marketing. I can understand, because hiring freelancers or marketing agencies can be expensive. But I believe that sooner or later a business needs to find a professional to do the marketing. You can still be in charge, but you should let a professional do the actual work. This way you have more time to manage your business and focus on growth. And your marketing will also become more professional.

Curious where to start to hire freelancers? Why not check out Fiverr, it has a ton of skilled freelancers for low fees!

Small businesses spend less than 2 hours per week on marketing

Personally I think marketing is one of the most important parts of a business. Especially for small businesses. But the facts show that most small businesses don't spend much time marketing. This might be due to the fact that not all business owners are experts in marketing or have the budget to hire an expert.

Still, marketing should not be underestimated. In fact, I believe marketing should be part of a business’s daily tasks.

Email Marketing is still one of the best marketing channels

Even though email is nearly as old as the internet, it's still one of the best ways to message your customers and generate conversions. This is the reason that you want to optimize your website for receiving as many email subscribers as possible.

Not all businesses have a website

Believe it or not, there still are a ton of business owners that do not have a website. In fact, only 64 percent do have one. This means that the internet will still grow a lot in the future. And this also means that it will become more saturated. So you cannot start early enough with building and promoting your website.

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People don't want to wait for your website to load

One way to increase your revenue is by increasing your website loading speed. Now this is something that can be very hard, especially for non technical people like me. But The numbers shows that around 25% of visitors leave if the website doesn't load within 4 seconds. That means that you lose significant chances of making more sales. Use this simple tool to test your speed now.

The most important detail for a website is contact info

Although it greatly depends on your niche, contact info is something that is of utmost importance on your website. People that are interested in your businesses want to contact you, one way or another. So it's important to make your contact info as clear and as visible as possible.

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Bad websites will fall behind

Facts show that if your website performs poorly, is outdated or just plain bad, people will not recommend your business to others. Therefore, again, you want to make sure that your website is working correctly and up-to-date. 

If you are not sure, there are tools that can help you analyze your website, like SEM Rush. SEM Rush give you a ton of advanced tools to measure your onw website, and your competition as well.

Most small businesses do not use content marketing

While there are a ton of content creators out here, think about bloggers, YouTubers and podcasts. Many businesses do not use content marketing. While creating content not just gives you more SEO value, it also improves trust with your audience.

In my experience that is a lost opportunity because I'm sure that you clients would love to see high quality content from you. 

Content that you could create are: tips and tricks, tutorials, interesting facts or behind the scenes, etc. The more content you create, the wider your reach and the more chances you get for new clients. Use Grammarly to improve your writing, it's a recommended tool for writers!

The importance of a website

From all business owners that have a website, more than 90% said that a website is the most effective marketing tool. This again shows how important it is to own a website. Even if you just have a simple website with your contact info (which is most important). It's better than nothing!

I suggest, if you don't want to spend too much money on a website, create a free website with one of the many website makers, like Wix or Weebly. Buying a domain is cheap, so you could have a simple website in just a few hours. 

If you want to be more professional though I advise your to buy a domain and hosting on Bluehost.com. It is what I use and I never had any problems.

Learn Digital Marketing

Do you want to learn more about digital marketing? Than I suggest you try one of the many courses on Udemy, for example this one: The Complete Digital Marketing Course - 12 Courses in 1 with 655,753 students its a best-selling course!

I hope these insights have taught you something and are helpful. Please check out my blog for more content like this.


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