10 Pro Tips To Get The Perfect Logo For Your Start-Up

10 Pro Tips To Get The Perfect Logo For Your Start-Up

So, you decided to start your own business or brand? And you need a professional logo? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of new businesses start every year and they all want a logo. That also means that there is a huge list of designers to choose from. So it's not strange that you get confused about how to get it done correctly.

Before I get into the tips, let's first talk about why a logo is important and why you want to let a professional create a logo for you. Although I could talk about the positives of having a good brand design all day, I will try to explain the most important points only, read on to find out more.

Like I tell everyone who asks; a logo will be representing you, and your brand for a long time. It will be placed on social media, apps, websites, news coverages, banners, your physical location, business cards, posters, etc! 

That means that the first thing people will see is your logo. In that case, you want it to look as good as possible right? Just imagine going to an interview all messy and unprepared, high chance you won't get the job. An unprofessional logo might cost you clients. The wrong message might confuse people and let them choose your competitor.

In order to create a logo that communicates clearly who you are and what your business is about, you need a logo designer that is skilled and professional.

But where do I find a skilled designer that can help me do this? In this post, I will provide you with 9 tips to help you find the best designer to create an awesome logo for your business!

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How to know if a designer is professional?

Before I tell you where you can find designers, let's talk about what to look out for by choosing a designer. The first thing you want to look for is their experience, do they have a huge portfolio with real-life clients, or are most logos personal? If it's mostly personal, chances are the designer doesn't have much experience in creating a specific logo for a client. That doesn't mean that it's a bad designer! He just might not be focused enough on your wishes, and the designer might create a logo that he likes himself, rather than you. 

Does the designer tell you his working method and prices upfront? If the designer tells you his working method and prices first, it can save a lot of trouble afterward. For example, when you wish to take chances, do you have to pay for revisions? 

Make it clear up front what you want and get. You want all the correct logo files, like an AI, PNG, and JPEG file. The AI file is most important.

Other things that are important, are to set a deadline and have a clear briefing at the beginning. A presentation at the end to give the designer a chance to explain the logo will also help you more like the logo.

How to get a logo design?

Find a designer locally

The first thing I would suggest you try is to find a graphic designer locally. Why? Because designing takes a lot of work. It also takes a lot of explaining from your side, and a lot of understanding from the graphic designer. A good logo design can take up to 16 to 32+ hours. So it's much more convenient for both of you to be nearby.

If you choose a designer locally, it's easier for the designer to take a look at your store, or business. You can easily plan a meeting and discuss the progress. And the designer will get a much better understanding of what kind of logo suits you. It's much more personal and you will get a much better logo that really represents your business. Also for your future projects, it is much more convenient to have the designer nearby.

Find a freelancer

You don't have to find a designer locally though, many designers can be found online. And there are a lot of designers that work as a freelancer. What you could do is post a job offer on places like craigslist, freelancer.com, upwork.com, and similar sites. Explain what you want, you don't have to write down all the details yet. Let them contact you, let them show you their portfolio so you can have an idea about the designer’s style and if you like what he does you can start discussing details about your logo and the pricing. 

The best place to start looking for logo designs is Fiverr, they have a simple-to-use marketplace for you to find the perfect designer.

Search Facebook pages and groups

Facebook is also a great way to find designers or design studios. You can either search for pages or you can find groups. Often designers join Facebook groups to share and learn. But you can also go there and post a job offer. I'm sure you will get some great responses.

Search google

You could search Google, for example for “Graphic designer”  or “logo designer”, and the city you live in. This is probably the first thing that I would do if I were searching for a logo designer. You will get a ton of results and can you contact a few that interest you.
But you don't have to search locally of course, you could also just search in general and you will find tons of results. Don't just go for the first one on top. Also, give people on the second or third page a chance. 

Use Google maps

Google maps is great to find designers and design studios locally. Just search for “graphic designer” or “design studio” and you will find a ton, check their website or call/email them for an inquiry.
I think google maps is often overlooked when it comes to searching for things. Often we only use it to travel. But google maps can give more insights into a business than you might think, you will find reviews, opening hours, email and website info, and more. Especially the review part can help you make the decision to hire this designer or not.

Search Instagram tags

Instagram is a great place to find skilled designers. Designers will often share their work on Instagram. It works a little like a portfolio for them. You could search Instagram on hashtags like #logo #designer #graphicdesigner #logodesign etc. Send them a message to see if they are interested in creating a logo for you.

Find a student

Another way to find a designer is by asking a student who wants to earn some extra money. Just go to any local college and ask if you can hang on some job offers. If the student is interested in graphic design, he might contact you.

But be aware that a lot of students don't have the skills and experiences that a professional has. You might save some money on this, but the final result might be questionable. Also, don't forget that students are busy and will most likely only work on it on the weekends or at night. So give the student some time to work on it, and don't expect it to be finished in a few days!

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Search Pinterest

Pinterest wouldn't be my first choice to find a designer, but if you really can't find a suitable designer, you could give it a try. What is Pinterest? Pinterest is basically a search engine based solely on images. You can search there for all kinds of things and pins are often linked to an URL. I'm pretty sure most designers share their logo and creations there as well.

If you search you will find thousands of logo designs. But the problem is that anybody can post anything on Pinterest. So it might be more difficult to actually find out who the designer of the logo is. But if you want a more visual search engine, give Pinterest a try. You need to spend some more time finding the designer, but it might be worth it.

Use NewGlue.com

Newglue is a marketplace for business owners that are looking for ways to get a quick but professional logo design. They have a simple design tool. Simply input your business name, choose your font style, answer a few questions about your business, and viola you can choose your logo.


There are many ways to get a logo design done. Personally, I would suggest you find a Freelancer that can create a logo based on your wishes. Besides, you need more than just a logo, you need business cards, ad designs, flyers, etc etc. If you know a reliable designer that is professional and quick, keep working with him/her!

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