10 Inspiring Quotes About Success In Life And Business

10 Inspiring Quotes About Success In Life And Business

Today, I want to share some quotes that will motivate and encourage you to become better, more positive and successful, be it in life or in business. I think quotes are useful because they can teach us important life lessons in just a few sentences. I think you can use them to grow yourself and see things from a different perspective.

But don't forget, you are unique, and I prefer you are the person that makes his own quotes, rather than studying other peoples quotes.

Nonetheless, let's enjoy these quotes and I hope they help you find inspiration and motivation.

1. Your salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams.

A salary is very tempting and comforting. Business owners know this, they know that most people want comfort. So they offer you a monthly payment for your work, the downside is that no matter how hard you work, or how much work you have done, you will get paid the same amount. The idea of this quote is that as a business owner you don't limit yourself to a salary, entrepreneurs don't set limits.

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2. You Don't Build A Business, You Build People And Then People Build The Business.

It's true, as a business owner you cant know and do everything. You have to hire the right people. You have to motivate and lead them. You have to build a team, and together you will build the business. There is more than people though, your business needs structure, a system, good management. Although people are very important, your business should still be operational even if you have to replace people.

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3. Work until your signature becomes your autograph

Yes, work as hard and dedicated as you can on your goals. One day people might respect you so much that even your signature becomes worth something. I see this quote more as a means to motivate myself, but I would not take it too literally though (in other words, I don't need to get famous). The underlying message is that without a lot of hard work you won't succeed.

4. We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong, the amount of work is the same.

Why not focus on becoming stronger, it will only help you grow bigger! Nobody wants to be miserable all the time. It doesn't bring you forward at all. Working hard to get stronger should be something all of us should thrive for.

5. Tell me and I Forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn.

I like this quote because I think it shows how different approaches have different results. Involving people with something being the best way to let people grow. So yes, I can agree with this quote. What do you think? 

6. Success and work in the same statement scares many away. Yet success only comes with hard work.

I like quotes about hard work, they mostly speak the truth. You have to put in the energy and you have to take action in order to generate results. The more energy you put into it, the greater the result. Of course hard work is just a part of the equation, but it's an important one.

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7. Knowledge will give you the power, but its your character that will give you respect.

And respect is needed, you gain respect by doing important things. By showing your character, people will start to trust and follow you. Some ingredients needed to influence and persuade people. Which are Important parts of most businesses. A certain amount of persuasion is needed in order to sell anything.

8. If you're waiting until you're finally ready you'll be waiting your whole life.

I personally can relate to this one very well, and I guess many of you too. We often tend to overthink things, we start to question our own abilities and knowledge. So we tend to study longer, try to learn more and prepare ourselves better. But before we finally took action we already lost interest. How many of you had a great business idea, but found that you had to prepare better before actually starting? Will you ever start your business? Or are you still “preparing”?

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9. I didn't get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it.

Nothing wrong with wishing and hoping, but these are things that happen in your mind. Important, but only till a certain point. At one point you have to stand up and take action. Just by hoping and wishing nothing will be accomplished.

10. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment

Discipline certainly has an important part to play in reaching your goals. But I think there is more to it than just discipline though. To stay focused and motivated you need to set the right goals. Then use discipline to keep working on it till you succeed.

Do you agree? Did you like these quotes? What quotes inspire and motivate you? Let us know in the comments or follow us on social media.

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