6 Ways To Help Increase Your Blogging Revenue

6 Ways To Help Increase Your Blogging Revenue

As a blogger one of our goals is to generate revenue. But increasing it seems to be a difficult task. To help you get some ideas on how you can increase your blog's revenue I wrote some ways that might help you.

Create valuable content

As a business owner, and in this case blogger, you should always be focused on creating content and products that are of value to others. Your content should be relevant to your target audience. And in most cases It should help others solve a problem.

As a blogger you probably focus a lot on SEO, so you can get as much traffic as possible. But I think it is actually more important to think about what your audience wants. Especially if the traffic comes organically, it's important to give your readers a good reason to come to your site. Your traffic searching for specific things on the internet, often a problem that needs to be solved. You should be the person that helps them solve that problem.

Choose a different ad plan

One way to increase your revenue is by choosing a different ad plan. Although we all like to use google, there are actually other platforms that offer higher revenue. Although many of them require your blog to have a minimum monthly traffic quantity, a high quality website and other requirements. But if you can get accepted to those platforms, it can inverse your ad revenue significantly.

Another way is to make exclusive deals with advertisers, this way you can eliminate the third party and keep 100% of the revenue. Deals can come naturally over time or you can contact potential advertisers yourself.

Update old content

Many bloggers will tell you that after they went through most of their old posts and updated them, traffic started to increase. That is why one of my best tips is to take the time to refresh your old content. Check for outdated info, proofread them, check for broken links, or maybe you want to add more useful content. Nonetheless, updating your old posts will help you increase the overall quality of your blog and bring you new opportunities and more revenue.

Guest blogging for quality backlinks.

If you have a blog you should be familiar with SEO. This includes the use of backlinks. It's not a secret that backlinks are important, not just for generating traffic, but mainly for helping you rank higher on search engines. But it can be hard to obtain good backlinks, that is why it is important that you spend a considerable amount of time building them. The best way to do this is by creating high quality guest posts on other blogs. This will send a signal to search engines and will help you get more traffic, and more traffic means more revenue.

Boost posts with paid ads.

A temporary solution to increase your revenue is to use paid ads. Yes you will have to pay for it, but in return you might get a lot of new loyal readers, social shares and subscribers. I suggest you optimize your blog posts and include enough affiliate links so you can actually earn your money back if not more.

Another way to use paid ads is to build an email list. You can then use this list to send weekly or monthly messages, and in return you will get more traffic. The best thing is that an email list can be used for an indefinite time. Which means you can keep using your list and keep getting traffic and revenue from it.

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Use images and other multimedia

Interactive media is a very powerful tool online, it attracts eyes and keeps people in the same place for longer. It also makes your content much more interesting and in many cases easier to understand. For example, if you try to explain a certain issue you could use images or infographics to explain it better. Images are also great to share on social media like Pinterest and Facebook. Adding social media optimized images can help you generate more social shares and in the end more traffic.

Another way is the use of video, turning your written content into video is a great way to increase your audience and traffic.

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Increasing your blog's revenue is a difficult task, but if you follow some of my tips I'm sure you can do it. I would say, set a goal for your ideal monthly income and work as hard as you can to reach that goal. Setting goals will help you stay focused and motivated. This way growing your blog is certainly possible.

Good luck and all the best.

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