5 Digital Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Products

5 Digital Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Products

Want to make more conversions? But digital marketing nowadays is a crowded place, which makes it harder for you to do that. But with the right tools and knowledge you too can become successful and start selling more of your products.

In this post I want to share with you 5 digital marketing tips that will help you promote your products better, and lead to more conversions.

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1. Focus on optimizing your landing page

The goal of receiving traffic to your landing page is to get conversions right? And the purpose of your landing page is to convince people that your product is worth the price. But in order to maximize your conversion rate you always have to focus on optimizing your landing page. 

You have to see your landing page as your sales pitch, here you have to write copy that is compelling and convincing. Add photos that show your product from its best side, preferable a photo that shows your product in action. Make sure that the pictures show your product clearly and that the people in your photos are happily using your product.

A good way to improve your landing page is by adding your best testimonials. Before people make a buying decision they often want to first have social proof. They want to know that the product and the company behind it are truthful and trustworthy.

And don't forget to add a good call to action (CTA) to make it as clear and obvious as possible what you want the reader to do. But don't add more than one CTA, people might get confused and leave your page without taking the desired action. Landing pages need testing and optimization all the time, so keep doing this and your conversion rate will start to increase.

2. Promote to the right audience

It might be obvious, but in reality it's harder than you think, targeting your product to the right audience. If you don't do this step correctly, you might not get traffic to your landing page at all. Or worse, you get traffic but the wrong one, and you cant convert them, no matter how hard you try.

In order to promote to the right audience you have to dig deeper and do a lot of research. This can be done by doing surveys or by analyzing your existing customers. Who are they? Why do they buy from you and not from your competition? What are their pain points and how can I show them that my product solves these?

3. Start a blog

Selling online is a demanding and time consuming task, and there are a number of factors that are different than selling face to face. And in order to convince more people that your product is as good as you claim, you should start your own blog

Let's say you have an online store, but you would like to drive more traffic to it. One way to do this is by starting your own blog. Not just could you monetize your blog using affiliate links. You also provide more value to your audience and therefore they will be more willing to listen to you and try your products. Also read: MAKE MONEY FROM A BLOG BY DOING AFFILIATE MARKETING

A blog adds a lot of value to your business. But always keep in mind that your blog has to talk about subjects that matter to your audience. This could be tips, tutorials, or showing more details from your products. Yes you can also use it for news, for those that like to stay up to date about your products. 

If you keep posting regularly you will see an increase in traffic and sales. This will not happen right away, but in the long term it's a solid and proven strategy.

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4. Promote on social networks

A no brainer right? But social media is certainly a must go place if you want to promote your products. It can help you add more value to your products. This can be done in various ways, for example: showing the design process, keeping in touch with your customers, announcing new products, discounts or giveaways and more. There are a ton of possibilities, and I know it can be hard to manage too many accounts, that is why I recommend you first only use one account.

The best option though, would be to hire an employee to do your content and social media marketing. Managing multiple social media accounts is very time consuming. And if you hire someone, make sure that he is capable of creating the desired images. Or he has to be able to work with a graphic designer and photographer to create images.

Make sure that your social media accounts stay up to date and be consistent, often people will contact you there as well, if you don't regularly check your accounts you might miss out on sales.

5. Hire a marketing agency

Time is money and I know you are busy building and managing your business. But if you have the budget it might be wise for you to hire a marketing agency that will do the promotion for you. Together you can work on a plan on how you want to promote your business online.

Nowadays there are a ton of businesses that can help you do digital marketing, it saves you a lot of time and energy. And you don't have to figure out yourself how to do it right. Although, if digital marketing is totally new for you, I recommend that you first get some knowledge about the topic so you know what they are talking about and know if they are competent enough to do your online marketing.

That being said, hiring a professional would always be something that I recommend business owners do. You can hire an employee or a marketing agency, either way, as a business owner you do not need to do everything yourself. You want to grow your business and in order to do that you need to hire the right people that will bring the expected results.

I hope this article did help you and answers some of your questions, if you still have questions please let me know in the comments or contact me directly.

I wish you well with business.

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