Why You Don't Want To Read Books That Change Your Mind All the Time!

Why You Don't Want To Read Books That Change Your Mind All the Time!

Do you like to read? Did you ever hear or read somewhere that you should read as many books as possible, preferably one per week? Why do people say that? Are books really that important or is there also a reason to not read too much? In this article I want to talk a little about this and some traps you have to watch out for.

Why is there a belief to read as many books as possible? My best guess is that because we live in a world where we study for nearly 20+ years of our life. We start to believe that the more we study the better. It nearly becomes a habit. Some people keep studying till they are 30+ years old before they start thinking about earning money. Thinking that the more they learn the better. In the end they might become a walking encyclopedia, but they missed out on many chances, and others got rich.

Not saying that they lost all chances, the opposite might be true, as long as they use this knowledge to reach a goal. But you don't learn that in books. That is something you learn by doing. You can study all your life and never succeed with anything. Except for when you are playing a quiz game, but that's a different story... knowledge alone isn't making you successful, it is what you do with it that is important.

Why reading books is important

Books are full of knowledge, knowledge that can be difficult to find in places like the internet. Don't get me wrong, I love the internet, but most people that post things on the internet do this because they want views and likes. The more they get this the more they can earn. The content itself becomes less and less relevant.

Books on the other hand, especially pre internet books, have to be of great value, especially because we pay for the books. Not everybody is willing to write books and publish them. And writing a book is time consuming and seems difficult. So, less people do it. It's also less likely to become successful with it. Which makes it better for the readers because that means that books aren't overcrowding our world, like YouTube videos are.

Books have a reputation, mainly because of the author and the written content. So if you read a book by a successful and reputable writer. You can assume that the information that you are reading is legit. Everybody can write content and upload it on the internet, but how can we be sure that what he says is true or false? And yes, this goes the same for books. But books that are read, even decades after they have been published says something about their value.

I recommend you read books like autobiographies, and success stories that will give you an insight on how those people became successful. This blog is all about becoming successful in life. So it's important to understand that there is a lot of stuff out there that can help you reach your goals. The hard part for you is to understand which books are helping you and which aren't.

Why you don't want to read to many books

Consuming books, especially books that are of high intellectual value should not

be consumed too often in my opinion. Especially if the authors of those books have different opinions and ideas about a similar topic.

The problem is that if you keep reading new books, you might jump between ideas and opinions and the result is that you get confused and don't take action at all. And that is exactly the opposite of what you want to do, in the end you want to take action towards success. But if you keep on changing your mind all the time because you read new books, you just simply won't reach any goal at all.

I think that if you reach a point by which you know what to do and what actions to take, don't go read another book. This new book might change your point of view again and you might end up only jumping around, from idea to idea and never focus on one idea.

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The key to success is setting a goal, preparing as well as possible, and then taking action to reach that goal. Don't get distracted by the hundreds of ideas that are out there. It's possible to become successful with nearly everything. But your life is too short to do all of that. 

For example, if your idea is to become a successful farmer, and you just finished a book about it, and you start reading another book about fishing, and suddenly you are excited about fishing. And you keep doing this without actually doing anything. 

Instead you should focus on one goal and stick to it till you reach it. Because in the end your goal should not be to learn about fishing, but how to become successful and in the end wealthy.

When to start reading allot of different books

I think that after you get successful and reach your goal you can try and gain more knowledge from other topics. But before you do that you should only read a few books that give you the knowledge that you need to get started. A book has the power to change your mind, don't let it distract you while you are half on your way to success. You might start to doubt, and think that you made the wrong choice and give up all you have worked for so hard. It would be a shame because I believe that no matter what kind of business you choose, you can succeed with it as long as you stick to it.

I guess if you are unsure what to do in life and how to become successful, you can try and read many books even on different topics. But as soon as your goal becomes clear, don't read any books that might change your mind. I did that for a while and it kept me on the same spot and never a step closer to success. If you want to know, I made a list of books that I recommend you read, you can find it here: My Top Recommended Books To Be More Successful

Reading books and gaining more knowledge is very important. You want to keep educating yourself all the time. But it should be done with caution as you might get into a vicious circle of jumping from idea to idea and change your mind all the time and in the end get nothing done. 

I hope you get my point, if you have any ideas or comments, please let me know below.

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