My Top Recommended Books To Be More Successful

My Top Recommended Books To Be More Successful

Reading books can be mind opening, but you should watch out because if your goal is to become successful. You don't need to read all the books in the world to do that. If you spend your whole life learning and studying, you might never accomplish anything. The smartest are those that "prepare" good enough to get into the game. The rest they will figure out later.

Books have the power to scramble your brain just like a puzzle. It's up to you to put it back together. That is why I recommend you to only read the books that you need and then start taking action towards your success.

And by success I mean building a business or to start investing so you can start enjoying your life and help others as well.

Either way, if you are interested in the books that I recommend, here is my top list.

There certainly are more books that are worth reading, and when I feel they deserve a place on my top recommended list I will add them here. For now, I just wanted to share these books, because I really believe these are the top books that changed the way I think in a positive way. 

They helped me be more goal orientated and focus on things that are important. For example, the book by Gary Keller, "The One Thing" teaches you that there is always ONE thing that is most important. Let's say you have a long to-do list. What are the most important things to do? From those most important ones, what is the one thing that is most important that makes all others more easy to do or even obsolete?

The richest man In Babylon mainly focuses on saving money and investing it wisely, told in a very interesting and engaging way. And the book by T.Harv Eker focuses on the mindset of the rich, and how you too can become rich if you would do what the rich would do. These are just a few examples and the other books and knowledge aren't less important, but this post would get way too long if I had to write it all down. I prefer you read the books yourself and tell me what you think.

If you have any other recommendations for books, don't hesitate to write them down in the comments. I am always open to reading suggestions.

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