10 Most Powerful Marketing Strategies To Improve Sales

10 Most Powerful Marketing Strategies To Improve Sales

Improve Sales. One of those things that we all want, but often we have no idea how. Often we are so busy with our daily business routine, that we forget to apply new marketing strategies to improve our sales.

So, if your sales are stagnating, or you are just looking for new ways to get more sales. Then you came to the right place, in this article we will guide you through 10 of the most powerful marketing strategies of the moment.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Affiliate marketing establishes a relationship between a brand and a partner, by which the partner becomes a "salesman" on commission. This kind of marketing can be very effective. And at the same time is a very attractive way for brands to increase sales at a low cost.

In this strategy you will "contract" partners to sell your product or service for a commission every time the partner makes a sale.

For this we will give our partner a special URL or Code that the he can promote on his website in the form of banners, blogposts, video, etc. In this case the partner will only get income if a user clicks on his link and makes a purchase.

This kind of marketing is a win-win for the brand as well the partner, because both will profit from the purchase.

You can sign up for Impact or Share A Sale to find partners to work with. Don't forget to include a page on your website as well, with details on how potential partners can apply.

In order for this to be successful, we need to consider the following:
  • The partner website has qualified traffic.
  • The partner website needs to have a minimum traffic volume.
  • The audience of the partner matches that of our own brand.

If done right and qualified partners have been found, results will soon roll in.

Email Marketing Strategy

Using email seems old fashioned, but in fact it is one of the most effective ways to establish communication with our clients and potential clients.

In order to grow our list we can apply different methods to capture email addresses. One of the most common ways is to have a "lead magnet" on your main website that consists of a very desirable offer that the user can't resist but to click on or sign up for. This can be in the form of a free download, free report or discount, or anything else that is free.

Other options to grow your list are: 
  • Advertise on Google or Facebook.
  • Send cold emails
  • Do giveaways
  • Ask people on social media to join your list.
  • Come up with your own creative ways.

If you start creating your email list, it is important to segment your list in different groups. Not all of your subscribers are interested in the same thing. This way you can send more specific emails to a targeted audience. If you start segmenting in categories like, age, gender, interest, habits, etc, you will see that your CTR (Click Through Rate) will go up as well.

Growing your list will take time, but even a small list can improve sales significantly. Your business should not underestimate the power of an email list.

Content Marketing Strategy

This is personally one of my favorite ways to do marketing, but it is often neglected by business owners, due to time shortage or underestimating its importance. 

Content marketing is very broad but it basically consists of brands creating content that is valuable and useful for its targeted audience. With providing this content we create a better connection with our clients and above all, trust.

With content marketing we can attract more eyeballs to our service or product, and we establish a trustworthy brand that knows what it is talking about. Next to that, the more content you publish, the more ways there are for people to find and interact with you.

There are multiple ways to do content marketing, the most common are:
  • Creating useful infographics
  • Make videos
  • Produce interesting tutorials
  • Photos
  • E-books
  • Podcast

Content marketing can be very time consuming, but the results can be unpredictably higher than other strategies. And besides, how are we going to do email marketing or affiliate marketing without any content for our users?

Video marketing strategy

For big enterprises, but also for SMEs, video marketing is an indispensable way to market their brands. Nowadays nearly everyone spends time on YouTube and consumes videos. In fact, YouTube has more than 120 million daily users, and together they are consuming more than a billion hours of video content every day. 

It is important to know your audience very well in order to create content that they like to see. But done right it can improve sales significantly. Take NIKE for example, they created an active and successful YouTube channel to interact with its audience. They create content that most of the audience is interested in.

Video marketing can be an extension of content marketing, but instead of creating it in a written form, you create an audiovisual form. The principles though are the same, it should be of value to your audience. It should not be too long, but also not too short. You should use the right music, colors, and video content. 

To do this the right way you have 2 options:
  1. You do excessive audience research and analyze what content your audience wants to see.
  2. You start creating content without research and find out along the way what your audience likes and doesn't like.

Video content that can be created:
  • Story of the brand
  • Product or service demonstrations.
  • Testimonials from users, suppliers or employees
  • Interviews from experts
  • Tutorials and guides
  • Summaries of actions or events from the brand.
  • Something unique to your brand

Next to YouTube one should not forget that many of the next generation are using TikTok. Millions of potential customers are there as well. With the rise of TikTok, it also teaches us to watch out for new trends that come and have the power to improve our sales even further.

Influencers Marketing Strategy

A fairly new but effective way is influencers marketing, this can be on YouTube, Instagram or any other medium by which the influencer is able to communicate directly with its followers.

Influencers are people that create a group of loyal followers that love the content they create. They feel interested in the content and trust the influencers' choices. They think, "if he says it is good, then maybe I will like it too".

It's important though that you select the right influencers that can make an impact and help you build a solid relationship with the community.

Therefore, you should do in-depth research before you make deals with influencers. Do not select influencers solely based on their followers. Important is the interaction/engagement the audience has with this influencer, and the amount of "influence" he has over his followers. You should read the comments, and see how well this content is received.

Also you should not focus on a "once promotion and be done with" kind of strategy, the goal is to build a long lasting relationship with influencers and preferably let them use your product themselves. If they can become good customers, they can persuade others to buy as well.

This way the influencer will speak more honestly and in a natural way about your brand and products and this will have a more lasting impact.

Quiz marketing strategy

It is well known that people love to gain more knowledge and test whether they know a decent amount about the topic they are interested.

You can leverage upon this by creating quizzes that stimulate your audience and interact with them in a fun and engaging way. This way people can stay longer on your platform and you have more chances to persuade them.

A quiz should not be too long but should be satisfying at the same time. At the end of the quiz you can direct the reader / watcher to content where he can learn more, or you can reward him, in the form of exclusive content or trophies.

At the moment a lot of crypto currency platforms are offering free crypto in exchange for participating in quizzes. A smart way to get your audience interested in your brand.

You can promote your quizzes on social media or in your newsletters. A tip, have a weekly or monthly quiz, preferably a the same time of the month, so people know when to expect the quiz.

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Offline Street Marketing

It is true that a lot of marketing nowadays happens online, many people spend a considerable amount of time online, so it's only natural that businesses try to market there.

But we should not forget that offline marketing can still have a huge impact on our business growth. Think about door to door marketing, flyers, brochures, billboards, magazines and newspaper ads. People still spend time outside, and you can still leverage this to improve sales.

If carried out the right way, street marketing can catch more eyes than digital marketing, and even has the potential to go viral.

Think about flash mobs, they attract eyeballs, people will share it on social media and talk about it for days.

Street Marketing can be both static and dynamic, with more and more digital billboards showing up, it's easier than ever to create an offline audiovisual to create something that impresses and generates memories for the viewer.

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Direct Marketing Strategy

Direct marketing is another offline strategy that continues to give great results if done right.

With direct marketing we try to directly market to our customers without any intermediation of other channels. Think about postal mailings, by which we send a letter containing our offer.

In order to persuade our readers to take action we first need to attract attention with creativity, originality and carefully drafting our message. Alongside this we need to focus our attention on the USP. (unique selling proposition) which has to sell our story.

Direct marketing is very similar to email marketing, therefore it's also important to segment our potential customers to generate the maximum conversion rate. 

In direct marketing you should be very personal, and what could be more personal than receiving a letter from someone. 

There comes a lot of science to copywriting, so I suggest you read the book: The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugerman. To learn more about successfully writing advertisements, especially for direct marketing.

Tip. Closely related to direct marketing is the use of a personal note when a customer makes a purchase. Preferably handwritten, and it should include the name of the customer. These small personal notes can have a long lasting impact on customer loyalty. You can even include an exclusive discount to let your customer come back for more.

Sharing Marketing Strategy

The idea with sharing marketing is to participate in discussions and ongoing events. This can either be on social media, writing comments, forums and discussion groups. Quora is a good example where you can share your knowledge by answering questions.

The idea is to deliver value for others without trying to sell anything. Which will then create a positive impact on your audience.

You should try to avoid sounding like a person that tries to sell something and instead come across as a brand with knowledge about the topic. A sales pitch is often boring and uninteresting. But showing things in action, teaching somebody something new and helping people with problems attracts attention.

Focus on Existing customers

We all know that acquiring new customers can be time consuming and expensive. Therefore we need to focus a lot of our attention on keeping our customers and letting them come back for more.

We need to try to make them loyal customers that will do word to mouth advertising and increase our brand awareness.

In order to keep them coming back we have to put strategies in place that keep them engaged with our brand and keep them interested in what we offer.

But before you know what kind of strategies work the best for your brand, you have to do customer research and find out what your customers want. What do they like, and don't like? What are their purchasing habits, consumption habits, etc.

Maybe your customer comes back because you offer them exclusive discounts, maybe they come back because they love your unique kind of designs.

Next to that you have to build a bond with your customers, nearly seeing them as friends, in order to keep them attracted to you.

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