How To Use advertising To Supercharge Your Website Traffic

How To Use advertising To Supercharge Your Website Traffic

You have a website, right? Nowadays many businesses have a website, and often the website is the main part of the business, like a blog or an ecommerce shop. In order to reach more people we have to advertise our website. But how do we do that?

In this article we want to give you some useful insights in how you can successfully advertise your website to get more visitors and potential customers.

Have a well designed and user friendly website

Before you start promoting your website, you should make sure that your website is working correctly. Is it easy to navigate? Is the design user friendly? Is the payout system working correctly? etc etc. Make sure that your website works on desktop and mobile.

Does it look fine? Then let's continue with what the Advantages of Online Advertising are.

Targeted Audiences

Advertising platforms have collected a LOT of data in the last few years and keep collecting it. They analyze human behavior, trends, and with the power of AI, we can improve ads even more. With all of this combined we can create very detailed targeted audiences. We don't have to hope that somebody likes what we offer, we know it based on their previous behavior.

But don't worry, Advertisers can't see who is behind this personal information, like search history, hobbies, purchase, etc. But because we have this information we can offer people things they like. If we don't do this, people would be bombarded with useless and boring information all day.

A/B Split testing

With online advertising it's very easy to create multiple ads at the same time and find out which one is performing best. You will get instant results and can adjust along the way. You can test multiple headers and images and determine which ad will generate maximum results.

Reduced cost

Depending on in which category you want to advertise, the price for online advertising is relatively low, compared to other mediums like, press, radio or TV.

Start an Ad Campaign right away

A huge advantage is that you can start an online campaign very quickly, other types of advertising often take weeks or months to prepare.

Easy measurement

Results are nearly instantaneous and we can closely and in great detail monitor it. Platforms that offer advertising have very advanced analytics that help you see all your results, like leads, clicks, CTR, sales, and more..

Google SEO VS Paid Google Ads.

If you want to advertise your website online, you most likely want to start with google, it's one of the biggest platforms out there with millions of daily users. There are 2 ways you can "advertise" on google, one is via SEO and the other one is via google ads.

SEO is "free" but even though it is, it is also very crowded and difficult, because you have to try to get on the first page of google, otherwise your traffic will drop significantly.

To get on top right away is by paying for ads. This is quicker, but also has its struggles, because you still have to advertise the correct way.

In my opinion, a healthy combination of both is probably the best thing to do, you want to create useful content that will rank on google and at the same time you can promote your site using ads.

For SEO you have to understand how Google's ranking system works, you have to follow all the rules laid out by them, and then you have to create very high quality useful content in order to get results. And these results won't be instant, it can take weeks or months before you will see results from your content.

And with paid ads you have to focus more on detailed targeting and providing the correct content for the right people. If you want to learn more about how to do this, I invite you to read our article, 10 Pro Tips For Writing Advertisements That Grab Attention, to learn more about how to create successful ads.

Advertise on Facebook

Besides google, Facebook is the second biggest place you want to advertise your website. I encourage you to create a Facebook page for your brand or product, and keep it updated with the latest news, and to stay in touch with your followers. Facebook works differently than google. Engagements on posts have dropped significantly in recent years, that's why I think you should mainly focus on Facebook ads.

Start with creating a business account and read the guidelines carefully before you start creating ads. Creating ads is relatively easy, and I suggest you keep it very simple in the beginning. First focus mainly on Facebook alone (you can simultaneously advertise on Instagram) and only on in-feed ads.

Even though you should focus on advertising, rather than posting things, you still might grow a lot of followers over time, and you should not neglect them. Facebook is a great way to show off your brand and stay in touch with your followers and potential customers.

Other platforms to advertise.

There are actually a ton of other platforms to advertise, places like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to name a few. If you decide that one of these better suits you, I still encourage you to learn as much as possible about human behavior. In the end it is people that you want to persuade to visit your website, so no matter what platform, the basic advertising rules apply to all of them.

The importance of email marketing

To grow your website even more you want to start building your email list right from the start. The advantages of having your own list are immense. For example, if your website is down, or if something happens to Facebook or your other accounts, you still have your list. You can download it and import it to another platform if you want. You can use it to build a lookalike audience on Facebook. And you can reach your customers in seconds.

Email marketing belongs to the top ways to advertise, and it's a great way to get more traffic. But if you want people to sign up you have to follow certain rules and make sure that people agree to sign up. Let them know that you are going to send them a newsletter, and what they can expect.

How to start building your list?

Lead magnets
Your website should have lead magnets, like a popup or in article banner that offers your visitors something, like a free report or download (ebook). People have to sign up in order to get the freebie, and that is how you can build your list.

Place an Ad
You can advertise on Facebook or Google and let people sign up for your email list this way.

A great way to promote your business and grow your email list is to hold giveaways. People love free stuff. But be sure you reach enough people before you do a giveaway.

Don't spam, focus on emails that are full of useful content for your visitors, like articles, videos, discounts and more. Give people a reason to stay on the list and this can help you grow your business even further.

Advertise on YouTube

If you have an audiovisual product that you want to promote and advertise, this is your channel. Each day there are millions of hours watched on YouTube. So I encourage you to create a video ad for your website as well, as YouTube is a great source of traffic.

The ultimate goal of advertising your website is to grow your business and in the end get more sales. So keep in mind that an optimized landing page, the place your visitor will end up after clicking on your ad, is of utmost importance. Your website needs to be user friendly and encourage people to stay, share, and buy.

We hope this article helped you better understand how to advertise your website. If you have any questions or you want to add something, please let us know in the comments below.

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