How To Make A Powerful Ad Campaign On Facebook?

How To Make A Powerful Ad Campaign On Facebook

Nowadays most companies are using Facebook ads to increase their brand awareness, increase sales, get signups, or get more traffic. With Facebook you can attract more customers, stay in touch with your existing customers and build a foundation for your brand. But running a successful Facebook ad campaign is not an easy task, that is why in today's article we help you how to make a powerful Ad campaign on Facebook.

How To Make A Powerful Ad Campaign On Facebook?

Facebook has its own set of rules when it comes to ads, a lot has changed in the past years, and it can be hard to keep track. That is why Facebook created their own guide, you can access it here and I recommend you read it.

Know the product you promote

Before you start promoting a product, you should know it through and through. If you are promoting your own products you most likely know everything about it. But if you are promoting somebody else's product I recommend you get to know the product as well as possible. That includes its strongest points and weakest points, target audience, USP, price, etc. If you don't, you might communicate the wrong message and that could have a negative impact on the brand your are trying to promote.

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Research your competition

If you are promoting a product, it is likely that there are already similar products out there. So, before you start making your own campaign, you should research what has already been done by your competitors. Something that can help is the Facebook Ad Library that logs all ads that have been placed on Facebook. Click here to go there.

A/B Testing

Don't expect your ad to go to the moon right away, it can take a lot of testing before you succeed. You often have to tweak your copy, header, and photo and your overall layout to get the best results. To better understand what works and what not it is recommended that you test different copy and header and image combinations. Facebook offers you the option to do A/B split testing and Facebook will help you try different image and text combinations to find out which works the best.


To make sure your ad will perform the best, targeting is from utmost importance. If you target your ad to the wrong audience you will get negative results. That is why it is important to really figure out what is your best target audience, and the best way to do this is yet again by testing. Testing can cost you a little money in the beginning, but a soon as your ad works, you will earn it back.

Lookalike audience.

Facebook will use all its user collected data to provide you with the best possible ways to advertise. This also includes the option to create a lookalike audience, this is mostly based on data that you input yourself, like an email list that you collected, or data from your previous campaigns. Based on this data, Facebook can create a Lookalike audience that is most likely to interact with your ad, like a conversion or signup.

Setting a budget.

Originally advertising was only possible in real life, on paper, billboards, flyers and newspapers, etc. And adspace was very limited, therefore the price is very high. But with the internet things became more cheap. And with a few bucks you can reach 1000s of people. Advertising on Facebook is a lot cheaper than before. although it depends on the category you are in. So, setting the right budget is very important. That is why I recommend you first use a small budget for A/B testing, until you get some good results, then you can use a bigger budget.

Choose the ad format well

Facebook has the option to choose multiple ad formats, from in story ads to in video ads to in feed ads. And it can be confusing to choose which ones are the best for you. I suggest you start with one or two, like infeed and right side banner ads. If they perform well you can try other options. You shouldn't just post you ad in all formats, as all formats behave different. Again, if you want to try different formats, you might have to do testing first. If you do it right, you can save allot of money and headaches..

Analyze your performance and results

It's important that every time you start a campaign you monitor its performance and its results. If you have an ad running for a few weeks and the results are poor. It might be wise to stop the ad and analyze it. Try to figure out where you can improve and then run a new updated ad. Facebook is great at collecting data, use it to your advantage.

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Be creative.

Standing out is very important nowadays, although advertising might be easy and cheap on FB, that also means that is has become very crowded, combine that with the fact that people don't want to be bothered too much with ads, you have to find a way to stand out. That is where creativity comes in, try to create ads that are personal, and interesting for your audience, try to be fresh and new, be creative and use humor if possible, don't be boring is my point here.

Use videos.

Watching videos has become an important part of people's daily life, for example, Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. That means videos attract people's attention and people love to watch good videos. Use this to your advantage by using a video in your ad instead of an image.

Learn more about copywriting

Copywriting is all about writing texts and stories that persuade the reader to take a certain action. In order for you to maximize your profit, it's important that you learn how to write compelling copy. You want people to take action, be it a click, or in the end a purchase, without good copy, that is very difficult to archive.

Facebook is a very powerful tool since it has a lot of user information and a good, well-targeted campaign could quickly increase your customer base and sales. If you prepare a well thought out, well researched ad campaign and do a lot of testing, you can really profit from Facebook ads and it can help you grow your business significantly.

We wish you good luck, and for questions please let us know in the comment below.

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