10 Pro Tips For Writing Advertisements That Grab Attention

An image of apparently 2 Oranges with rings, but the mind might think about something else, so yes this image was meant to grab your attention!
An image of apparently 2 Oranges with rings, but the mind might think about something else, so yes this image was meant to grab your attention!

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Want more conversions? And you ask why your ads dont have better results? Well, one reason is that the digital world is huge and very crowded, which makes it difficult to grab a reader's attention, we all have to deal with that. But if you want to make more sales you have to understand your reader, and know how to capture his attention. 

In this article we give you 10 practical tips on how you can do this and how this can help you make more conversions.

So let's dive right into it and start with the first tip:

Choose the right benefit

"People don't care about you, they care first about themselves." Drew Eric Whitman, wrote in his book Cashvertising. Which means that your reader will first analyze your ad and determine if this product or service could potentially benefit him. Knowing that, it is important that you first choose your benefit and use this as your main advertising tool.

Questions you have to ask to determine the best benefits:

What does the reader get?

What does your reader need and what is he looking for?

What are the product's features, and how does it benefit the reader?

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Use the most important benefit in the header

You want to add as many benefits in your header as possible, but include your most important benefit first, if you still have space for more, you can try to add them too. Today a reader comes across hundreds of headlines and ads each day, most of which he will skip, so it's important that your header stands out. If your header fails to capture attention, the whole ad might be hurt.

So try to fit in as many benefits in the header as possible, as long as it is still readable and clear what the message is.

Use a header that describes the reader's pain points and offer a solution.

Offering a solution to a certain "pain point" is one of the best ways to get clicks on your ads. Just don't try to be too clickbaity here. You have to honestly offer a solution to a pain point (problem) in order to get your reader to take action.

You are here to help your reader improve their lives, tell them how they can and they are willing to listen. Miss use their trust and you could irreversible damage your brand's image.

Examples of pain points as header could be:

"You dog doesn't listen? Try this..."

"Hair loss? We have the solution..."

"Never worry about sleepless nights anymore!"

Turn Characteristics and features into benefits

Make a list of all unique characteristics of your product and change them into benefits for your reader. Questions that you might want to answer are:

What does the reader get?
Why would they choose you and not your competition?
What does the product do for the reader?
How do they benefit from your product?

For example, don't just tell them that the product is "fast" (a feature). Instead, tell them that they will "have more free time" (a benefit).

Or even better, spark their imagination, by telling them that they could spend more time on the beach, with their family, reading a book or resting. It's important to understand the difference between a feature and a benefit. Although a feature is important to mention, selling happens based on explaining how the feature benefits someone.

Benefits should provoke an emotion

For example, suppose you sell a new kind of hair dryer with the characteristic that it gets quicker to a higher temperature than other brands. Instead of mentioning this, as it sounds boring, you could say that, because of this you more quickly dry your hair and have more time left for more important things.

We all know that drying our hair can take awhile, so having a tool that saves us time can be very useful. Looking at it this way you can turn common characteristics into an emotional benefit, since most of us feel annoyed it takes so long to try our hair (mainly addressing women here). Try it yourself, just take any product and try to create a sentence that includes an emotional benefit as in the example above.

Create desire for your product

After the heading the second most important things are your first words of the copy, you should use them to create a desire for your product. This can be achieved by mentioning more benefits. You dont need to give away every detail here, a more detailed "sales pitch" should be done on your landing page or via email or phone. 

The main goal of your ad is to grab the reader's attention and get them to take action (click your link). After they arrive on your landing page you can go ahead and provide more details, this is where the actual selling happens.

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Make use of Testimonials

Selling is based on trust, nobody will give you money if they dont believe and trust you. And one of the best ways to show your authenticity and trustworthiness is by showing real testimonials. Reviews and ratings of a product play an important role in making a buying decision. 

That's why it is important to ask customers who already tried your product to write a short testimonial for you. Include these testimonials as much as possible on your landing pages.

Who are you advertising to?

Before you start any ad campaign, you should research the people that you are writing to. Why are you writing them and who are they, their age, their languages, their class, should your tone be professional, personal, or sentimental?

You have to create a clear profile of your ideal customer, what is his age, gender, profession, what does he think and what does he spend his money on?

As soon as you have a clear picture of your target audience you can create better messages that reach them. Speak the wrong language and people will ignore you.

Scarcity, special deals and Zero Risks

Another tip that works very well in getting people to take an action is to create the feeling of scarcity. If an item is very scarce and might be sold out soon, people will be more likely to take a look. So, if you offer some kind of special deal, you should have that deal for a limited time, don't let people think they can come back later, because they often won't.

Sacristy often works very well in combination with a deal, this could be a free trial or a discount. People love to get free things or save money, so this is a great way to get your readers attention. But please make sure that you are honest with your ads, your goal is to help and improve people's life, and you want to show them that your product or service does.

Combine all of this with a 100% money back guarantee and you will be able to attract even more eyes. If you want to convey trust, you should show people that you are 100% believing in your product. Not including this might result in people going to your competition who are offering money back guarantees.

Call to action (CTA).

Don't forget to include a call to action that is telling your reader what to do, this could be a simple line like, “click here”, or “click here to receive your discount now!”. You can be creative with this, but you should always include it as it will help you get a higher click through rate.


Grabbing people's attention can be very hard, especially in a world where everybody tries to grab your attention and everything is moving so quickly. Therefore, Understanding how people think and how you can influence people to take a certain action is very important to be successful online.

I hope these tips help you create better ads that grab attention and in the end result in more customers for your business.

If you like to add something or have a question, please don't hesitate to write them in the comment below.

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