10 Powerful Tips To Write A Good Advertising Message

10 Powerful Tips To Write A Good Advertising Message

If you ever tried to make a promotional message, like an advertisement, you know that writing a good copy for it isn't easy. A good copy has to be persuasive, but not just that, so what else does it need? In this post we want to show you 10 tips that can help you write a good advertising message.

Focus on your customers, not yourself.

The customer is the person that has to make the buying decision, that is not up to you. So, don't be arrogant and think that people will buy just because you promote it. In the end your goal has to be to give your customers something that helps them achieve something that you already wanted. You should focus on your audience, and not yourself.

Use the correct language.

What I mean with that is that your copy shouldn't be too commercial, it shouldn't be too obvious that all you want to do is to sell something. And don't try to use exaggerated sentences. If you do you will be too cliché and that doesn't sell at all. Instead try to talk more in a personal way with your audience. Don't behave as if your audience is stupid, because they aren't! Furthermore, your copy should be full of ideas, and provide a good and useful experience to the consumer.

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Get to the point.

We all are busy nowadays, especially in the era of the smartphones, computers and the internet, we are bombarded with ads all the time. Often just ignoring them, trying to get to what we were looking for. So, letting your copy dwell too long on it will only result in the customer feeling uninterested, and eventually he will move on. Therefore it is your job to make the message as simple and clear as possible. Don't waste your customers' time, get to the point!

Don't be boring.

People nowadays are bombarded with ads and articles, video and notifications, and a lot of it bores people. So in order to reach your potential customers you have to arouse their curiosity. You have to wake them up and deliver them something that interests them and wants them to take action. This can be done with Humor, an interesting story or something out of the box and creative.

You want to be creditable

If you try to convince someone that your product is worth their money, your copy shouldn't be too exaggerated and too complicated to understand. But you should be honest and tell your customer everything trustfully and transparently. As soon as people start to doubt you and don't believe what you are telling them, then that might damage your credibility. And buying and selling is all about trust and credibility.

Listen to your audience.

It's important that you try to understand and listen to what your audience wants. You shouldn't only do what you want to do because no matter your opinion, you are not going to sell anything if your audience disapproves. So, listen to them and don't waste any more time on only what you like. In the advertising world there is no space for selfishness and arrogance.

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Use the Right advertising Channels:

Even if you know what your customers want and what not, if you aren't using the right channels to communicate with them your whole advertising campaign might be useless. SO make sure that you know what channels your customers prefer to use. Where are they? Do they watch TV, Facebook, Instagram, or do they prefer to read newspapers or magazines?

Respect the work that has been done before.

There is a reason why before you start an advertising campaign you have to do market surveys, audience studies, opinion polls and other data collection projects. Why? Because this will determine the direction of your campaign. If all your data tells you your audience likes green vegetarian products, you shouldn't try to sell them meat products. The collected data should be used to write the right copy to help you understand what your customers like to hear about.

Try multiple Media to advertise

If you want to achieve more success, it is advised to advertise your campaigns in different media. That way you will have more chances to reach more potential customers. But don't forget that different media might need different approaches. So it is advised to do enough research first.

Have a clear message

At all costs you want to avoid confusion by your readers, that is why it is crucial that your message is as clear as possible. Unless you are targeting a very niche audience your message should be broad and easy to understand by everyone. Try to stay neutral and use humor to make it more interesting and memorable.

We hope these tips will help you write better advertising messages and if you have questions please don't hesitate to write to us in the comments.

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