Online Marketing: 3 Powerful Ways To Monetize Your Email Subscribers

3 Powerful Ways To Monetize Your Subscriber List

Having a list of subscribers is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to make good profits on the internet. Have you heard this sentence before?:  "The money is in the list" Well, that phrase refers to an email list/subscriber list. And you might not yet know it, but your email list could be your business most valuable asset.

Because we can use our email list to send promotions directly to our subscriber list, this way we make sure that our offers reach people that are interested in the products that we recommend.

Although email marketing has become an essential asset of most successful online businesses, it has also gotten some negative attention due to spammers trying to send their promotion to the masses. But This spammy behavior might actually damage your reputation and is not what we are talking about. People hate spam and people don't want to be scammed. 

The result of all of this is that people have become more cautious regarding giving their private information, like their email address. That made it more difficult for marketers to collect subscribers, nonetheless, if you offer something good and of value, you still can build a list.

Email marketing today remains one of the marketing strategies that can bring us the best results.

The concept of email marketing is simple: we build a list of people who have voluntarily given us their email information in exchange for a gift, like a free report or a free download. Email marketing is nothing more than sending promotional emails to that subscriber list.

And the advantage of having such a list of your own is that there are people that follow us because they are interested in what we have to say, they trust us, and trust is what you need if you want to sell products or services to your subscribers.

With email marketing, we get a direct connection to an audience of thousands of listeners, interested in the niche we are targeting.

How to make money with your subscriber list

Let's get started and look at some of the ways we can monetize our subscriber list.

There are unlimited ways you could monetize your subscribers, and this mostly depends on your niche. But the most common are: selling Affiliate Marketing products, such as Amazon products. Sell your own products, like T-shirts or stickers, or you can simply send your customers a promotion or updates about your products in a weekly newsletter.

Sell ​​products to your subscriber list as an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing allows us to send promotions to our subscriber list without needing our own product, as we sell third party products in exchange for a commission.

The best way to sell affiliate products is to have a website or blog where we talk about the products that are in our respective niche. Then we provide in article links or banners in the sidebars with links to these products. These links will have our very own unique tracking link, which, for example Amazon, knows that the buyer came from your site.

And with a blog we can also insert our own subscription form to create a list of subscribers to send them emails to buy the products we recommend.

Please note, that your customers don't have to pay extra for this, the price of the product is the same, in this example Amazon will pay you a fee for referring a buying customer.

Sell ​​your own products

Just like in the case of affiliate marketing, we can create a subscriber list to sell our own products. This way we can increase our sales, do surveys, share promotions like discounts and giveaways and more.

By sending emails to our subscriber list, we can reach people who otherwise wouldn't know about the products we sell. This can increase our sales significantly and should not be underestimated. People nowadays are very busy and easily miss out on things. So sending them direct messages, like email, is something that is essential to sell or introduce new products.

Send a newsletter to your existing customers.

A good way to make our current customers profitable is to include them in a list of subscribers and send them a weekly or monthly newsletter about news in our niche or about new products. Also send them promotions and offers like discounts. 

But make sure your customer agrees to sign up for the newsletter. A nice way to get new buyers to sign up is to include a check mark while they are checking out, this can be as simple as "also sign me up for the newsletter". Then you give the new customer the opportunity to become a subscriber to your list.

By sending a newsletter we have a new opportunity for them to buy something from what we offer them, with the advantage that they already know us as a customer and know about our products.

So we can take advantage of emails to build more trust and promote our brand.

These 3 are the most obvious ways to monetize affiliate marketing and sending emails to our subscriber list, but the truth is that having a subscriber list gives us many other sales opportunities through some more advanced email strategies. We will cover these more advanced techniques in other posts, and in the future in a course.

And probably one of the biggest advantages of having a list on your own, is that you own the list, no matter where you use it. Even if your website goes down, you still could be able to contact your subscribers.

So wherever we look, this is clearly one of the best ways to make money online by sending emails to our subscriber list.

We hope this email helped you, for questions please let us know in the comments below.

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