How You Can Make Money With Bitcoin

How You Can Make Money With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and here we will list some strategies to take advantage of it. These will be tips and tricks you can use to try and make money. This post is in no way financial or investment advice, please know that there are risks before you invest in anything! That being say, lets start talk some crypto!

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was introduced in 2008 as an electronic money system by Satoshi Nakamoto. While that name has become legendary, the person (or group) behind it is unknown. On purpose.

The Bitcoin concept has everything to do with the fact that no authority is needed to have a reliable system. In other words, to use Bitcoin you don't have to trust any particular person or institution.

There is no denying that cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more relevant in the market, where there are no longer one but several. However, the most famous cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which was invented in 2008. Now the question everyone is asking is how to make money with bitcoin and in this article we will try to answer that question.

Holding Bitcoin

The first of these is to become a Holder as it is the most promising option to make money with Bitcoin. Why? It points to the long term and according to the uptrend prevailing today, money would be made in the future. In case you didn't know, a Holder is someone who buys Bitcoin, doesn't use it and bets on a strong revaluation in the medium or long term.

Trading Bitcoin

The second way is through Trading. You can earn short-term income by buying and selling BTC as long as you have insider trading knowledge. In addition, there are numerous exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies. The best one I think out there at the moment are Coinbase and Personally I like Binance more, because they have much more cryptos available and it more feels like a Trading platform.

But Coinbase is not bad too, they are located in the USA and very safe to use, and if you use my link here, you can even get $10,- on your first Trade for free!

Mining Bitcoin

Finally, another way to monetize cryptocurrencies is through Bitcoin mining. However, this is a complex matter because it requires knowledge, the right hardware and a lot of electricity, among other things. But if you are just starting out, I would recommend your try the app, it is very easy to setup and works on nearly all computers, even your old laptop.

I hope this gives you a better insight in what bitcoin is and how to make money with it, please share this post and leave a comment if you have any questions.

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