How to Increases Sales Using Social Media

How to Increases Sales Using Social Media

Increase your sales through social media

More and more online businesses nowadays are using social media to sell their products, partly because they have been able to adapt perfectly to the changes and demands of users and consumer habits. Another advantage is that the product or service can reach a larger number of people because of its popularity and positioning compared to conventional channels. And that is why in this post we will see how to increase sales through social media.

Sharing your content on social media is an effective way to distribute content and build a relationship with your audience. Therefore, It is very important to include social media in your marketing plan, It can help you grow significantly, It will help you acquire more customers and give you more business opportunities. 

Below some tactics to increase your sales using social media

Choose the right social media platform

The first step to get promising results on social media is to choose the most suitable one that's suits your business vision. Considering your purpose, you will have to do some research to find the most suitable, ask yourself this; Where is my competition? Where is my audience? And why are they there? 

The next thing to do is to start or boost your communication activity with quality content, interact with users and publish regularly. If you are just starting your online business, we advise your to start with only one max two social media.

Create high quality content

High quality Content is very important to succeed on social media. One of the most important things in the world of social networking is to be interactive and generate value. We need to arouse interest in our users by providing them with engaging content. For example, if we are promoting a fashion brand, one way to generate value is to provide additional information that helps users put together different looks with them and the clothes they have available.

Create A positive user experiences

Before purchasing your products, your potential customers will read third-party comments to read their experience with your product or service, this will help them make a purchasing choose and can be a big advantage for your over your competition. This plays a fundamental role, as users generally trust the opinion of third parties more than the company itself, as it should be.

Because of this you always want to promote your best testimonials because they instill the confidence that other consumers need to decide if they want to purchase or not. So, try to collect as many positive testimonials as possible and make sure other users can clearly see them. Also make sure they are authentic, users art smart and can detect if something is fishy. Testimonials can be obtained naturally, by customers giving reviews, or you can do email surveys.

Be attractive

On social media the visual presentation can be fundamental for your success, that first impression is everything, therefore the quality of the images are vital, they have to be carefully and professionally crafted, spamming and posting low quality content is a no go. Videos are also something to consider, think about you tube, there are millions of potential customers there that you can reach out to. Creating interesting product showcase or behind the scene videos can be an attractive way to grow your reach.

Integrate actions

We recommend creating multiple actions to allow the user to express themselves on social media. If you have a physical store, it is important to use as many relevant hashtags as possible. The possibilities are endless, you just need to identify and run them.

Dedicated Online Customer Service

An advantage of social media is that you can use it for customer service. But beware, the platform through which the communication started must be respected. If a client reached out to you using a certain social media platform, it is recommended to not change the platform but use the same. Also, nowadays people expect quick answers through messaging, so dont wait too long with answering, they might end up buying somewhere else.

You can implement customers service from social media on your own website using integrations, for example your can use Facebook messenger to chat with your potential customers on your own website.

I hope that these tips are helpful to you and will increase sales through social media, I use them both personally and in my digital marketing agency. I hope I emphasized enough that a social media cannot be overlooked anymore for your digital marketing plan.

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