5 Top Reasons Why Your Advertising Does Not Work

5 Top Reasons Why Your Advertising Does Not Work

There is no denying that advertising is highly beneficial to society and to businesses. However, not all ad campaigns work as well as others. Why is that? And how can we create better advertising? In today's post we try to find out just that.

Advertising for SMEs fails due to lack of strategy and creativity

In small and medium-sized businesses, advertising is usually a luxury item that is quickly thrown away. Moreover, there are still many managers and heads of SMEs who see advertising as a cost and not as an investment.

Those who do invest in advertising, usually do it on an institution rather than creating a marketing strategy. Not knowing that a good marketing strategy can enchant and guide every advertising campaign for each business, product or service to greater success.

Many entrepreneurs believe that advertising is a standalone action, it should be easy and quick to do. Many think that all it takes is creating a A3 poster with the offer and that's it. Thinking this way though is one of the reasons why these ads fail.

But, like I said so many times, no matter what kind of business you are in, no matter the budget you have. Advertising is a combination of a good strategy, creativity and taking the time to think about step A till Z. Making sure that there are no surprises and questions left open. Advertising done right can actually bring your business to the next level. Read on why I think this.


In today's world, advertising channels have grown exponentially, and it has become cheaper and easier than ever to create ads on these channels.

Besides the classic advertising, like print ads, think of ads in magazines, newspapers, billboards, and posters. We now also have advertising on the internet, in-app advertising, tv commercials, on social media ads, and much more.

But while it's much easier for businesses to advertise across different media and channels, that doesn't mean every form of advertising really works.

When a company decides to invest part of its budget in advertising, it must keep in mind that this investment cannot be recouped if it is not properly planned and executed.

That's why we wanted to explain why many small and medium-sized business advertising campaigns fail miserably. Below are our 5 tops reasons:

Lack of a marketing strategy

The ideal is to start from a marketing plan, because it is the professional way to create an overall strategy so that the company achieves everything that is proposed in the medium term and that answers the questions:
  • Is the idea viable?
  • How do we distinguish ourselves from the competition?
  • Do we have realistic goals?
  • Do we have a medium-term strategy that fits our needs?
  • Do we have the budget, the resources and the right staff to carry it out?
  • Is that strategy profitable?

Lack of a communication strategy

As with the marketing strategy, it is necessary to have a good communication plan with a good strategy through which we know whether:
  • Do our potential customers know our company?
  • What does our potential audience think of our company and its products?
  • Do we know our potential audience by heart?
  • Do we know what drives our potential audience to buy?
  • How do we communicate as a company?

Lack of a proper briefing

A lack of a proper briefing that integrates the strategies, values ​​and needs of the company, its brand and its product or service.

A briefing is very important, it is a summary that the manager of an advertising agency creates and should include all the information necessary for a successful marketing and communication strategy. The more concrete and accurate the briefing, the easier it will be for the creative team to understand the fundamentals of the campaign and to get inspired. The briefing should include the most important and outstanding aspects of the brand and the product or service it wants to sell. Do this and the easier it becomes to set up a successful advertising campaign.
  • A briefing helps creatives to explain:
  • What values ​​does the company have?
  • How does the brand convey these values?
  • How should these values ​​be sent?
  • For who are these values intended?
  • What communication guidelines should we follow?

Lack of a professional creative team.

To create a successful campaign we need a professional team of creatives that is capable of translating the briefing correctly into effective advertising.

Like I tell everyone that likes to hear it, a creative person (graphic designer) or preferably a team, is key to converting all the data of our marketing and communication strategy into a powerful communication idea and a successful advertising campaign. What we need to know:
  • What benefit should we communicate?
  • How big is the audience?
  • What is the most appropriate slogan?
  • Which style should we follow?
  • What does it mean that we will spread the campaign?
  • What ad formats should we run?
  • When should we launch the campaign?
  • What budget should we allocate to the campaign?

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The lack of a team to carry out the created campaign

Often it can take some testing and adjusting of certain aspects, and also to learn and create a better campaign next time, it is important to monitor the campaign right at the launch. Everything should be reported and analyzed. For this reason we need a professional team that keeps on monitoring the campaign. So, don't just launch the campaign and hope that everything will work out, and if not, then you probably have no clue why, and how to improve it the next time. That's why it's important to keep track of all the results, even the negative ones.
  • The campaign check should help us to know:
  • Have we achieved our objectives?
  • Have we made our advertising investment profitable?
  • What has worked best?
  • What has worked worse?
As you've seen, there are many steps leading up to the ad campaign itself, so we can't expect a campaign to be successful if we've skipped one of these important steps to create ads that really help us achieve all of our marketing goals. business, marketing, communication and sales.

Did you consider all these aspects before starting an advertising campaign? What is your experience?

We hope this article was useful, for comments please let us know.

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