Can You Make Money By Doing Surveys Online?

If you receive an email assuring you that you can earn a full salary by taking surveys online… Grab it and toss it in the trash! But if you set your goal of getting a handful of dollars a month, paid surveys are an option to consider. But be very careful about fraud, let me explain in more detail!

Make money on the internet. From home, with no effort, no schedule and no academic requirements.

The Holy Grail of the Web. There are many urban legends associated with this subject because when it comes to earning an income on the Internet, the thin line that separates serious business from fraud or labor exploitation is sometimes too difficult to notice.

If you go to Google or any other search engine and search for "Paid Surveys," you'll find dozens, hundreds of websites that promise you a monthly salary, pay for your vacation, and even an iPhone or a plasma TV, just by taking surveys.

Earn money with surveys

You will even discover blogs of people who have been scammed by some of these survey companies, but found a list of serious middlemen they want to share with you… If you pay for that list of course.

We are not saying that all these companies are fraudulent. But it is very common used and it is convenient to walk with lead feet.

There are serious companies that work with consumer panels and pay faithfully for such studies. But they require effort, perseverance and the profit is low.

If you apply for these companies, and they accept you, you can get a handful of dollars a month, or a gift card from Amazon, and little else. Still, if that is your goal, than lets continue and let me explain it in more detail.

The choice of companies

The paid survey market is a swampy area where extreme caution must be exercised.

There are companies that are willing to pay money to know what consumers think of their product before putting it up for sale. And there are middlemen who create consumer panels that cover all age groups, occupations, family cores, tastes, hobbies, etc. and pay money to test products or respond to a survey.

But around this legal issue, there are hundreds of vague companies just trying to take advantage of the unwary, late paying or, frankly, scammers.

The first step, therefore, is to reject the questionable companies and find the most professional ones.

Start by eliminating those that promise a full month's salary, great gifts, or significant benefits with minimal effort.

Also avoid the ones that ask you for your personal information and a credit card first to deposit the money.

Look for companies that pay through systems where they can deposit money but cannot withdraw money, such as bank transfer or PayPal.

If you find a research firm that seems fair, do your research. Follow information on social networks, ask on forums, follow their activities. And read reviews about them. Did others try it and did they get paid? How long did it take them to get their money? What is the minimum payout?

Check if it is legal and if it really pays off for the work done. This kind of research, It's a slow and arduous process, but the effort will be worth it.

You avoid fraud, disappointment and gain peace of mind.

Keep repeating!

Have you found a paid survey site that looks serious? !! Congratulations!! Now repeat the process ten more times.

It is not a joke. If you want to earn money with this task, you need to sign up for several websites of this type. The normal thing is to receive one or two surveys a week for each company, but depending on your profile as a consumer and the activity of the web itself, you may not receive surveys in weeks or even months.

So you must sign up for several so that the orders flow and the money grows. Keep in mind that, on average, you can earn € 2 or € 3 for a survey that can last 20 minutes, although there are longer and better paid ones. You need to do a few per month so that the effort offers a significant reward.

The profile

Use an unique email address to register for this type of service. Or better yet, one for each company. This way you can more easy control what you receive. If someone sends you too much spam and few surveys, remove them from your list.

When you sign up for one of these websites, you have to fill out a form that can sometimes take several hours. Really!

It is usually so long because it has two important functions. First, it serves to create your consumer profile. Your taste, your knowledge, your age, work, marital status, hobbies, weight, height etc. This profile, which is theoretically collected anonymously, is used to assign you surveys. There is no point in asking an elder for an opinion on, say, a children's television program.

The second function of the long entry form is to check whether the candidate has patience and persistence to complete surveys.

You decide whether you prefer to create a profile that is as close as possible to your person, or whether you come up with a role. But the surveys you receive will fit that profile. And some serious companies even need photos or interviews by video conference or by phone to confirm some of that data.

It's helpful for you to be honest, because the responses to the surveys are analyzed based on the profile and if they find inconsistencies, they won't count on you anymore.

The job

When you are done filling out your profile, you will become a candidate. Indeed, nobody guarantees that they will send you surveys. Maybe you haven't met their expectations, or the opinion-seeking companies they work with don't match your profile.

You may receive a sample survey at the beginning. Or go several weeks without receiving anything, and all of a sudden you get several in a row.

We call them surveys, but they don't have to be a typical question-and-answer document. Depending on the company hosting the survey, you may need to see and respond to an ad, or read and rate a book, or download beta software and test it thoroughly.

You must answer the questions exactly as the instructions indicate, and be very careful so that everything is as they ask.

For example, if they require you to mark the answer with an X, don't circle. If there are questions that seem absurd or repetitive, answer them as they ask. If you do something wrong or leave questions unanswered, you will no longer receive surveys.

Every order has a delivery time, which is sometimes less than 24 hours. Do not exceed the date as it will not be accepted or you will be penalized.

The Payment

You will receive payment for each survey conducted into a PayPal account, by bank transfer, check or other system. If you can, opt for PayPal, which will not release your personal information to receive the money.

It may be that the payment is monthly, or even that it does not take place until you accrue a certain amount.

Keep in mind that some companies pay with products supplied by the surveyors themselves, or coupons to spend in certain online branches. Please check carefully before signing up what the rewards are.

Where to start

You already know the dangers and the way surveys work. If you agree to these terms, it's time to look for serious and reliable services.

There are no long term commitments or entry or exit requirements, so you can try several until you find the one that works best for you.

On the internet you will find websites, blogs or forums on consumer panels that come across as neutral. But in the end I always recommend certain companies.

Then choose specialized portals that are neutral. That is, they offer many alternatives. These types of websites review the survey services to see if they work well, and they tell you the pros and cons.

You can start with online paid surveys. Filter the pages according to whether consumers they accept and explain how well-known websites work, which we'll see below.

Another option is online paid surveys. Yes, it's called the same as the previous one, but they're two different pages. It maintains a very comprehensive ranking of trusted survey services. It also analyzes them and has sections with advice, payment methods and tools.

Proven services

There are websites that have been in use for a long time and have proven their solvency.

Global Test Market has been around for over 15 years and operates in 60 countries with over 1,400 brands giveaways.

Hiving also works very well. Pay cash via PayPal or check redeemable at Amazon.

Opinolandia works the same way as Opinaia, but only accepts Spanish residents. It also organizes raffles among those surveyed, although on some entries it offers loyalty points and vouchers to redeem at El Corte Inglés, FNAC or Amazon. It has an app called Quick Thoughts that allows you to take surveys from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

If you are interested in doing surveys from your mobile, you can also try Instant Consumer. It is an app for iOS and Android that allows you to earn money by overcoming various challenges. They are very diverse and depend on your profile and geolocation. He may suggest watching and responding to an ad video, or even chat with a brand, or attend a promotion at a nearby store. With each challenge you collect points that you later exchange for money.

PanelOpinea is one of the few that only pays cash, and that for just €5.

MySurvey has been conducting surveys since 1946. The dimensions are quite comfortable as they only take 15 or 20 minutes. Pay in points that can be exchanged for cash, as well as vouchers to use at Ikea, Media Markt and other stores.

Opinion Center stands out because they pay cash, and you can also pick it up on a PayPal account for just €2.5. It also offers Amazon gift cards.

Toluna pays between €0.25 and €5 for certain surveys, if you are an experienced respondent. In others, it organizes raffles and reward points for gifts. It also offers the opportunity to test products before they come to market.

Finally, you can try the Ipsos Access Panel, with proven experience. Give vouchers that are redeemable for prizes. If you complete 5 complete surveys, you will become a VIP and earn the right to receive more juicy orders.

Some companies have their own user panels. For example, Carrefour has a consumer panel with surveys about its products, advertisements, etc. Pay gift cards that can be redeemed in their hypermarkets.

As you can see, it is possible to make money with these types of businesses, but in small amounts. To be more realistic, at least you can get gift cards that can be redeemed at popular stores.

But it can be an interesting option, if you don't mind spending an hour or two a day filling out forms on topics that interest you.

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