Can You Make Money Blogging?

Can You Make Money Blogging

Many people search the internet for a way to earn extra income so that they don't have to go out and look for a second job and at least spend some time at home with their family, but unfortunately there are so many scams on the internet that allot people have become disillusioned and think that you can't really make money online.

However, today I come to tell you about the method that I have been using for years that allows me to earn more than 2000 dollars a month without much knowledge of the Internet and without having to spend much of my time, this method is to create blogs and websites and sell products and/or use advertisements for profit.

2 Methods in 1:

Well it is quite obvious that to make money with this system you need a website or a blog, this is currently not very difficult to achieve. You can easily start with blogger or wordpress.

After you create your website, I will discuss two ways to make money from it, one is by selling Clickbank products and the other is by advertising Adsense, and I will try to explain both methods.


Clickbank is basically an affiliate system, within this website you can find thousands of products that you can sponsor on your website and for every sale made through your website you earn a percentage of the sale price, usually it is 75% percent, this means if you make a sale from your website and the product costs $100 you will receive $75 and the owner of the product only $25 it is a great company. The most interesting thing is there are thousands of products and you will always find one that fits your log niche and can promote. Just take some time to do some research, there are also some "shady" products on Clickbank, so please carefully choose a products that really helps your viewers!

The way to make money is by selling, it doesn't matter how many visits you have or how many people see your ads, it's about them deciding and buying what you sponsor. Although this is something you have to do with trial and error, and sometimes it takes years to figure out how to make a person decide and buy a product. For that I recommend you read some books about selling and advertising first.


The other side of the coin is Adsense, the largest advertising system on the web and operated by business giant Google. You may have seen their ads more than once on the web, for example below are some of them:

The way to monetize this system is simply to create your website and write everything about a topic you like and know, little by little as you create more content your website will get more exposure and followers, these people come every day to read your content.

Here the payment method is very different from Clickbank, here you get paid for every time a person clicks on an ad on your website, it doesn't matter if that person buys the sponsored product or not, or if they register on their page , just click on your ad and you will make money, although it's not much around $1 per click, you can make a lot of money if just a few accounts click on it. It is possible to earn 2,000, 5,000 or even 10,000 USD per month!

So yes, you can make money with blogging, I would say just start, it will take some time and some hard work. But if you are persistent you can create a blog that people love to read and earn money as well.

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